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Welcome to new arena! I’m cheat-on, Titanide scientists, and i’m going to show you how to play in the arena. On your left you can see your life points, on your right is your enemy’s life points. Your goal is to decrease the enemy’s life to zero.
In this game, you and your enemy play turns at the same time. Each turn has four steps, which i’m going to explain you.

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The first step is Draw step: each player draws three cards and must select one of them to play it. The upper number is the card’s combat power. Down in the text box we have the card’s ability effect. Middle numbers - they are very important: they show you the power of the three enemy cards. Your strategy while selecting your card must always keep those numbers in mind. Now your enemy’s cards have 1,2 and 2 power. That’s perfect for one strategy that i have in mind!

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Drag Rhydor card (if you damage or draw in combat, obtain 1 extra red crystal) to play it. YOu will receive one crystal if you damage the opponent! When you and your enemy have selected a card, we will go to the next turn step.
Main step 1: in this step, you will summon your cards and will activate their abilities. Keep in mind your card activates their ability after combat, so it will not activate now.
The enemy does activate his ability: it will increase the power of his card by one to receive one red crystal. Once all abilities has been activated, we will go to the next turn step.
Crystal Soul Arena wiki
Battle step: your summoned unit has 3 power, and the enemy unit has 2 power. Your hero wins the battle and makes 1 damage point to your enemy. The player that loses the battle receives one crystal whose color is the color of their summoned card. In each card’s corner and ge,s you can see the color of that card. Now we will go to the last step.
Main step 2: this step will activate the abilities, which the text specifies “after combat”, and the abilities that create crystals. Your card will activate now, creating one red crystal, since you met the condition and did damage to the enemy.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • With these basic concepts, you are ready to play battles! Each game card has a different effect! And there are also different tactics for each color, and a wide variety of strategies.
  • If you want to know more about the rules, you can read the advanced rules at configuration wheel in the main menu.
  • Now you are going to select your starting deck. Don't worry because you can get all the cards in this game while you play. Just choose the theme you are more comfortable with.

Crystal Soul Arena tips
Hack cheats tutorial Crystal Soul Arena(wiki):
We have two very good cards Naya< Olivia with 1 point of power, but the enemy’s cards have 1,1, and 4! If you choose a 1 power card and your enemy chooses his 4 power card, you are going to take so much damage. The key to win is to know when to take risks and when to be more defensive.
My advice: play your 3 power card. You don’t have enough crystals to activate its ability. Notice that the cost is 2 red crystals and you have only one red crystal in your crystal pool. But Boxpuntor card will defend us if our enemy chooses the 4 power card. If our enemy chooses the 1 power card, then we will attack!
THe enemy chose the 4 power card! Notice that the card cost is a heart. That means the player who summoned that card must pay 1 life point when they summon that card as a cost. You don’t have enough crystals to pay for the ability, so your text will be erased. Notice that the enemy’s ability will resolve after the combat.
Crystal Soul Arena tutorial

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