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Ten years have passed since the Crystalfall. From it, a new breed of humanity wielding incredible powers has emerged: the Crystalborne. Some used their power for good, others for ill. Now, a new threat has emerged. An attack from an unknow source has decimated most of the Crystalborne. The survivors must fight for their lives or they, too, will face the same fate.
Our squad’s base got hit first. There’s a place called Sanctum, it’s supposed to be safe. But first, we need to find Sarge. Can’t be worse than where we’ve been. Lead the way!

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Controls: tap the enemies to initiate the attack. Each hero’s “basic ability” is selected by default. Tap on jackson to attack using basic ability “pummel”. Pummel - 30 power physical attack. Adds an additional 10 attack power for each debuff on the target. Remember, there’s no fighting inside the city. Tap the campaign to reach the adventure map. Tap the bright blue node on the campaign map to initiate combat.

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Your objective: defeat all of the enemies. The bars floating over the heads of your squad and the enemies shows how mych health they have. Bottom left corner - this area shows you the turn order for both your squad members and the enemies. You can tap “^” to switch between a compact version and a detailed version. Post combat - where you see your rewards for completing combat.
Crystalborne wiki
Tap the “summons” icon to reach the waypoint - from here, you can recruit new members to our squad. We call this Extraction.
Plaza - here you can sell all kinds of goodies, including gear and upgrade materials. Make sure to take a look at all the tabs in the Plaza to see everything it has to offer(featured< bundles, crystals, general and canisters). Tap the bright node on the campaign map to initiate combat.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Tap on the hero you want to add, and they will be added to your squad.
  • The research lab is the central place for studying the nature of Cosmic crystals and how they can be manipulated to win this war.
  • Basic training research - tap on the first icon on the left, boot camp. Then tap the research ison, and then tap confirm. Research is complete! And you unlocked more options. keep coming back to research more.
  • The barracks is where your heroes live and train to grow stronger. It is also where you can arm your heroes with gear.

Crystalborne tips
Hack cheats tutorial Crystalborne(wiki):
  • Rare items will gain an additional 3 sets of stats as they are leveled up.
  • YOu will gain access to more gear slots as you progress further into the game.
  • Play as powerful Heroes, each with their own special abilities, and compete with players across the Globe!
  • Explore an unrecognizable earth after the devastating Cosmic Event, full of unique characters with abilities and creatures transformed by mysterious crystals.

Crystalborne tutorial

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Whirlwind kick - stuns the target for 1 turn. Applies 2 stacks of pummel. Adds an additional 10 attack power for each debuff on the target.
Light them up - 35% chance to reduce target’s energy defense by 15% for 1 turn.
Finisher - applies 3 stacks of pummel.
Crystalborne tips to repair

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