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We’re under attack! We need your help. General Kaine and his marauders are attacking our city and the citizens won’t survive long! We must stop him! Use basic attack to take out a marauder. Enemy is too powerful! We’re going to need backup to defeat it. Let’s call in some guildmates for help. We’ll need reward chest to have any hope of fighting back. Let’s use cheat code to release Cyclone, so they can join our fight against General Kaine! Remember, whenever you need new heroes, click on summon. You get a free hero everyday, so check back often.

Crystalborne Heroes of Fate hack

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Progress through the story in the campaign and farm for XP and cool reward like gear and items. Battle other players online in PvP! Earn high ranks to receive great rewards and a shot at the leaderboards. Hunt powerful enemies for bounties to get rare resources! Check often for new bounties! Click battle to access the different battle modes available to you! Guild conquest - this is where you battle against all the other guilds to gain territory, special research and unlock dungeons with epic rewards.

Crystalborne Heroes of Fate cheats, hack codes

Good to see you on the front lines again! Let me give you a refresh course. The big building here is our guild HQ. This is our guild territory where we fight alongside our guild mates to conquer our way to the sprite for great rewards and honor. Claim shrine that is next to one of our tower. Capturing buildings before other guild can earn rewards abd benefits for your entire guild. Auto - use this button to set your heroes to autoplay. You can always tap the button to toggle it on and off.
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Combat menu: there are five affinities: red, green, blue, light, and dark. Each one has a strength and a weakness. Light and dark heroes always do more damage to each other. If we’re going to get strong enough to take down the marauders and pact, we need funds, gear, allies. World is marauders are looking for some researcher from the Philospher’s league who is somewhere in Sanyrheim.
Resources: the silver bay generates silver and the gem bay - gems. The silver bay replenishes slowly over time. The gem bay - every 8 hours. Come back regularly to claim their resources before they reach maximum capacity.

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Heroes: Cyclone - a former assassin who left the Vanta cartel. He joined up with Zorah’s crew to seek a life of freedom. In battle he can buff his own attack and attack all enemies.
Zorah - captain of the Eclipse rose and former co-leader of the Marauders. She will go to any length to protect her crew and defeat her enemies. In battle she can call her ship to attack all enemies.
Odette - a young noble of the Savroix family with a strong sence of justice, she fights to free the oppressed. In battle she can inflict Burn, hit multiple times, and attack all enemies.
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