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In this house at R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming. When the stars come round again to the right positions in the cycle of eternity, you can take great pet from his tomb to resume his rule of earth. It’s time to wake him up! Now as you woke him up, you will be the one who takes care of his life. Character need to destroy things when he feels bored. Touch houses and boats to destroy the, it’s also a way to gain souls. Congratulation! You have just filled up all the status bars, Cthulhu won’t be angry in a while!

Cthulhu Virtual Pet 2 hack

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Look top - there is a briefcase for you. Tap to find out what’s inside. Here you can find games, clothes, book, and the witness list. Witnesses are praying for unit, every second of their prayers contribute to pet’s growth. The healthier the witnesses are, the faster character can grow. If you don’t give Cthulhu what he needs, he will get angry and eat them one by one. Till then, pet will stop growing. You can revive them by watching a video if they are eaten by pet or they lose life in games. They will be back to pray happily as always.

Cthulhu Virtual Pet 2 cheats, hack codes

Games: Green card is the witness. You can move it up, down, left ot right by tapping adjacent cards. If you clash with a monster, the witness will lose some health. Weapon card will give protection, healing potion cards will heal you and the chest card will give you souls. Eliminate monsters and collect as many souls as you can for pet. Link souls - connect the souls with the same color.
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You can obtain cloth by playing the gashapon machine. There are two ways to make it work, insert coin or use cheat code. When the shake cthulhu mode is on, shake your phone. Pet will match the clothes he owns randomly. Keep your witnesses alive and he will evolve more fast. You can scroll left and right to see more categories. YOu can scroll up and down to see more items. You can decarate avatar. You can load multiple saved avatars, and also decorate the background.

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