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Hello, Wanderer. I can see you are still a little nervous. Your hormones are higher than usual. Take it easy, it’s just virtual training. I hope you can stay focused and try your hardest. Don’t let your guard down, you’ll be up against many new dangers. Now, hold your device firmly and get ready to start.

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Virtual connection complete. hey, are you ok? Let’s move around a bit if you’re feeling up for it. Swipe the screen to the right to adjust your view. Wanna try looking around a bit? Now let’s try aiming at the marked location with the crosshair in the center of your screen.
Drag the stick to control the movement of the character. Now let’s have a walk around and stretch our legs out a little. Drag the joystick and you are free to move. Did you see that coordinate? Let us look at it in the past.

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It seems like you’ve mastered the basic movement controls. Now it’s time to try out a weapon. Tap on your inventory to pick up the equipment you want. Pick up this weapon and arm yourself. Manual fire - tap cheat button to fire after aiming at the enemy. Along with the regular manual mode, you can also use auto mode to help you in battle. Auto fire - aim at the enemy with the crosshair to auto fire.
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Along with your own basic firearms, you can also use droid skills to assist you in battle. Tap the skill button to view the skill bar and select a skill to use. The shield wall can provide us with some basic cover. Wanders will get injured in the heat of battle, it’s a fact of life.
Try bandages, they can restore a small amount of your HP. Bear in mind that you can find cover while you’re healing. Use a med pack and try moving around as you use it.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Tap the jump button when you're near a wall to start climbing.
  • After restoring back to full health, you can re-enter battle, energized and recuperated.
  • As a wanderer, alongside weapons and powerful skills, your own body also plays a vital role in battle.
    First, let's try rolling. Tap on the roll button to perform a tactical roll in the direction of your d-pad. You can roll to avoid attack during battle.
  • Perform a vault - when you're facing a window or a low wall, tap jump to perform a vault.

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Hack cheats tutorial Cyber Hunter Lite(wiki): Instructions:
SO how can you get to the second floor or the roof quickly? THe answer obviously isn't the stairs. Get close to the wall and tap the jump button to enter climbing mode.
Wanderers can climb on any wall and trees, smoothly climbing to the top to gain a more advantageous position.
Well, i hope you’re not afraid of heights. But you really don’t have to worry about getting back to Earth. Tap the jump button as you’re diving through the air to enter glide mode. How does it feel? Free as a bird, right?
Cyber Hunter Lite tutorial

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