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Cheat Cubic Legend hack android, ios code

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Hack Cubic Legend: cheat List
10x recruit - use hack jkGotZF1o
1000 gems - enter pass 6oxwwNVC8
ascend heroes - wH7E2dl3M
unlock talents - vtsYLjUZo
increase friendship - 5y87GTax0
100 fragments - tiJDHeomu
1 Month Card code - qSaIvzmRe
upgrade cheat - ErZntR3C6
10 voucher - Wk9Nt8a6e
weekly gift bag - M07vls3aA
secret combination - 6r6YVIxH2
level up - c214a00hO
5 ultra pack - mgJYJzjMd
legendary gear - 35p66rzNV
vip 15 privileges - FcMojGMWx
special reward - BCXumL8wl
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
You brave youngster has been summoned to the world, while you may be single, and may have the fastest hand out there, here you are special! It's time for your beginner training! Now give it a try using your own party. Challenge more bosses to acquire new heroes. Once you have gotten your hands on more powerful heroes you can ask them to take an early retirement. Lux excels at damage enemies in a line. Go ahead, add her to your lineup.
Cubic Legend Hack Basics
Lux is a wisdom type hero and does best when placed in the back row. As Lux's skills damages enemies in a line, she does best in the middle slot. Drag her to change her position and make the best use of her skills.
Now return to camp and let's learn about recruiting heroes. I hope you'll recruit lots of heroes. Try recruit - you should treasure this your first recruitment, and it's fre to boot!
Auto hero XP, labyrinth gold loot, daily cheerleader uses, combat speed multiplier - these are the bonuses you get from being in the bronze division. Do you best and you'll unlock 4x battle speed in no time or enter cheat codes from hack tools menu.
Hint & Tips
1. Quest - below here you can see the pre requisite quests to reach a division. Complete all these and pass the promotion battle to reach a new division.
2. Gaeren is a powerful might type hero. Place him in the front row.
3. Tap the button in the top left corner to check what bonds are active in your lineup. Bonds can be quite impactful indeed. Here you can view active and non active bonds. See, we've activated the bond between Lux and Gaeren and that effect is now active.
4. Duplicate heroes may increase your strength too. By ascending, you can unlock the talents you want and gain extra stats and skill bonuses.
Cubic Legend Skill & Quest
Lux - when in the same party as Gaeren, Lux gains +20% speed. Gaeren also gains +24% attack the first time Lux drops below 50% HP.
Tim0 - when in the same party as Robot, Timo gains +20$ magic damage. Timo also gains +6% crit after robot attacks once.
Gaeren - when in the same party as LUX, Gaeren's active skill is replaced by judgement of light, and gains +24% attack.
Communicating with cheerleaders would increase your relation. Once your relation increased, hero will have new dress.
Hack tools Version
Cubic Legend Redeem gift code
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date24 September 2020
Last Modified24 September 2020
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