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The Mastermind of the Al revolted. Pick a suitable weapon and awaken your combat memory! The more poweful a weapon is, the easier it will be for you to handle the enemies! It suits you very well. Now defat the Training Target ahead and go find Diana! Hunting Boss [Pegasus Hero] has been killed, and will be refreshed in 2 Point. The enemy will be targeted automatically. Follow your instinct, use the weapon to defeat these simulated hostiles! The Mastermind has controlled a lot of Omnics through virus. You need to find out the cause within. It seems like Modification Project is a success. You have indeed shown impressive result after the enhancement.

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hack Cyber Fantasy Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Using New Skills allows you to eliminate them quicker! Excellent, but you still need more practice if you wish to defeat Omnics Lord. The Headquarter has send out other Combatants like all this time. They could be your ally or enemy, don't let them defeat you. Bad news! The training machines at those base all have gone out of control. It seems like they are going for the Secter Weapon! The Secret Weapon cannot be compromised yet. I'll let yoyu take care of these Omnics Rebel, I will go ahead and check it out!

cheat Step #2: It is called Armadura. We can armor with it to obtain Awesome Appearances and Powerful Skills. Before that, you must answer a question from me. I want to know if you are qualified to earn this power! Work with your party and accomplish the quests. Fight against other players in a PvP Conquest. Our world is brought into chaos by the Mastermind. Armadura is our trump card to win this war. Armadura can turn into a huge mecha. It requests the operator to possess powerful will and strength. Destroy Armadura, exterminate humans, fix this broken world!

code Step #3:Plan is hindered, executing backup plan: Detonating Target Sector immediately! Tap on the quest bar. You have shown such a great talent in your first usage. You're truly my most perfect Combatant. Enough with the flattering. We must report the situation to the Liberty City Headquarters. Each VIP level allows you to purchase the equivalent Value Pack. Group Attack Skill can effectively raise the Monster Killing EXP efficiency.

Cyber Fantasy Step #4: With Omnics Lord's Energy Core, we can repair the Armadura. And the Fine Gear it carries can also make you more powerful. The Armadura is consisted of five parts: Energy Core, Consciousness Computer, Storage Chip, Weapon Module, and Armor Expansion. We can repair the Armadura when you acquire these items.

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  • We need to replace the damaged modules on the Armadura. These modules can be acquired from other Omnics. But it's not enough with your current power. Try Skill Chip - Rotates the weapon in a high speed and stab towards the enemy, attacking 3 targets ahead and dealing skill damage to them.. Now you can have more odds again multiple enemies.
  • Complete Bounty Quests to obtain Black Market Coins. Black Market Crystral, you can exchange them into Black Market Currency. You can purchase the items you need from the Black Market. I have established a Black Market Currency exchange connection, you can follow Alita's guide to perform the exchange of Black Market Currency.
  • The Armadura provides three types of skills: Merge Skill, Support Skill, and Passive Skill. The first two can be cast manually, the last one provides us with stats bonus. Go with me to find the commander of the Liberty City Guards, Patton now!
  • Go to new map to greatly boost the level-up efficiency. We will take you away from Dissimilated Land automatically and enter the new map.
  • Armadura can perform Star Upgrade by devouring shards of the same title. After the upgrade, it will receive significant boost in terms of its appearance and power. You can try it on the same type of armor.
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