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Cheat Cyber Fighters hack android, ios code

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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Cyber Fighters Cheats
10000 elo winning point - #cnV3RZmMq
500 credit - #GyUQlEtjN
50000 platinum - #QZfzAgEH2
500000 gold - #DsA5tjRUz
unlock characters - #rEaA5Ju4H
240 skip - #VIBqj90ei
1 Month Card code - #DkO8m6i0B
upgrade cheat - #ZdwBkREQB
privilege bundle - #OQVOnhEJN
VIP points - #iTb0cJZwu
secret combination - #U64BBgMjL
level up - #CjQvfK741
unlimited energy - #SQ1K66zSw
survival ticket - #zFG8FTBFH
premium chest - #xzyFJaUaM
decoder x10 - #Egc2PPRer
costume - #22gX9FxCR
special reward - #l7Or5eBvI
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
To move your character, use this analog. Just pull it left or right. Attack button - use it to fight back your enemies. Jump button - tap it to make your character jump up. Dash button can make your character make a quick dash forward. Skill buttons - each skill releases a powerful attack to your enemies.
You will achieve 3 stars if you finish a stage with the remaining time is higher than 1 minute. 2 stars if the remaining time is between 30 and 60 seconds. If the remaining time is less than 30 seconds, you only achieve 1 star.
1. Platinum is required to unlock new skills.
2. VIP 6 privileges: +30 slots in inventory; you can use up to 1 survival ticket per day; +60% EXP and credit when killing mutants; maximum energy 250.
3. You will always have 1 free basic decoder after a period time.
4. You can use credit to upgrade level of item up to the current level of character.
Patch Version
Update news:
v0.6.29: 3 new drone; new language: Thailand; new UI: package shop; optimize and balance game. Last update: 14 reinforced equipment (5 stars); new UI for equipment, currency, campaign, community; rent shop, boost EXP and credit, new package: mighty squad.
Watch ads before fight to get bonus stats; after winning to x3 elo winning point; after losing to lose 0 elo point and get 2; arena ticket and 50 energy for free.
Survival: watch ads to revive with 100% HP, bonus stats and instant kill all mutants on screen. Don't forget to bring drone with you for auto collect.
Cyber Fighters Redeem gift code
1. t6kC0bDJ8ActUGT
2. cd0ziyCJqcSlybW
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Hack Release Date11 September 2020
Last Modified11 September 2020
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