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Archon! Are you receiving? Your back-up consciousness should have activated. If you're receiving, please select a SHELL to download your consciousness into from the interface!
Vigil- When in battle, Combat Techs march speed is increased by 5% City Garrison. When garrisoned, all Troops defense is increased by 5% Explosive Damage. Combat position: Striker. A veteran security officer who served multiple contracts with the major private military companies, his services remain highly sought after even by his former enemies. His most courageous act of corporate service was leading a besieged megacity in a heroic defence against an overwhelming HIVE Invasion. Despite taking enormous casualities, he was able to rally their forces and save the city from total destruction.
Spectre- When in battle, Assault Vehicle carry capacity is increased by 5% Siege Leader. During a siege, all Troops attack power is increased by 5% Mind Control. Combat position: Control. What records can be found indicates a stellar carrier in high-risk corporate espionage, most notably having worked her way into deep cover with AXION. This operation allowed her to leak crucial information vital to multiple megacities that helped prevent a total take-over by AXION in the aftermath of the Hive Wars.

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