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In 2050, AXION announced Origin, the first generation of lifelike robots. They were deployed quickly into every sector, and helped advancing human society enormously. AXION's profits were astronomical. In 2053, AXION started recalling Origin due to a "mechanical malfunction". 99% of Origin were recalled and destroyed, with the remaining 1% missing... In 2056, overall productivity has dropped significantly due to the Origin recall. Powerful nations around the world started hoarding resources, which resulted wars that reduced the global population rapidly. The world was shrouded in the flames of battle... In 2058, AXION launched Order, the second generation of lifelike robots, boasting their obedience and combat prowess and joining the war to "reforge the world order". At the same time, the 1% of the Origin that was missing gained self-awareness after "awakening", and became the core of the human resistance against AXION...

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hack Cyber Strike Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): You're finally awake. I am Panacea, and you're in the SHELL storage of AXION. Your backup consciousness has been loaded. Select a SHELL to download the consciousness into. Vigil - When participating in the battle, all combat hackers march speed +5% City Harrison. When garrisoned, all units defense +5%. A veteran security officer who served multiple contracts with the major private military companies, his services remain highly sought after even by his former enemies. His most courageous act of corporate service was leading a besieged megacity in a heroic defence against an overwhelming HIVE Invasion. Despite taking enormous casualities, he was able to rally their forces and save the city from total destruction. Spectre - When participating in the battle, all Assault Vehicles carry capacity +5 Siege Leader. During siege, All units attack +5%. What records can be found indicates a stellar carrier in high-risk corporate...age, most notably having worked her way into deep cover with AXION. This operation allowed her to leak crucial information vital to multiple megacities that helped prevent a total take-over by AXION in the aftermath of the Hive Wars.

cheat Step #2: Welcome to the Horizon. This is our central HQ. We were attacked by AXION troops a few days ago, and the resistance suffered heavy losses. They destroyed and occupied almost all of the important buildimgs and areas in the city. It's time to launch z counterattack and take back the city! Now we need to build a steel foundry, because we'll need lots of steel to repair buildings. The central HQ is the core of the city, and controls the energy grid of every area. Repair it first! Great, the central HQ is functional again. The surviving resistance troops were also rescued. Collact mission rewards for more resources. Now we need to take back the warehouse, where we can store more resources safely.

code Step #3:There are many mechanical troops controlled by AXION in the city. They are extremely powerful and have unrivaled intelligence. Anyone who is their enemy will be ruthiessly annihilated. Your troops need a leader. Operatives of higher levels and with more stars have hogher troop capacity. Select an operative as their leader! Each leader can only command a single type of soldiers. Select your unit type for the battle!

Cyber Strike Step #4: Alright "Spectre", the Storage Stacks are secure, but we're going to have to repair them before we can even think of storing anything here. Wonderful! With the Storage Stacks up and running again, we can begin gathering the various resources we'll need to rebuild the whole city. Fantastic, you've completed all of the tasks required by this mission! Go and collect your hard-earned rewards.

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  • Don't worry, your memory apparatus has begun the self-repair process, It's just a matter of time before your memories are fully restored. For now, our priority is to rebuild this city and elliminate any remaining AXION forces. Next, we'll have to explore more areas and rescue the resistance survivors. But let's upgrade the central HQ first to ensure the stability of the energy grid.
  • You should recruit rebels to get more troops before coming back to another challenge. Central HQ can only be cleaned up after reaching level {X}. Please complete events in this region first.
  • Spectre Data Chip - These Data Chips can be used to recruit Spectre as well as increase her Star Level.
  • Advanced Insignia - This item can be used to increase the Star Level of an Advanced operative.
  • Alpha-type Neuromapper - This item can be used to increase the Star Level of a Standart operative.
  • Modular Plating - This item can be used to upgrade the Turret in your city.
  • Expanded Construction - Unlock the 2nd construction team for 2 days, or extend it's duration by 2 days.
  • Our combat capabilities will be enhanced with Rayo on board. Now we need to collect more resources and take over more areas. Now that we've driven away the AXION troops in Affluent Heights, it's time to upgrade the central HQ and take over the area. A carbon fiber factory is required to upgrade the central HQ. Build one of those first.
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