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Welcome young barbarian, my name is Cheat-on, one of the brotherhood Horadrim. Now the demons cluster here. A warrior like you is needed. Ensure the safety of the city, and then carry out further investigation to find out why the demons show up. Tap “quest” to enter wild map.

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GO to visit Duke Farem to get the permission to enter the other area. Meanwhile, you can learn about how to upgrade rank.
Upgrade your rank to get the permission to enter the other area. If you are not strong enough entering the unknown areas will be very dangerous. Upgrading rank would earn you more support. For example, the merchants would buy the gears you don’t want at a higher price. Ina word, you will get various bonuses.

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Barbarian - they are from an ancient tribe who live in mount Ararat. Their altar Jocates on the top of mount Ararat where the ancient warriors are guarding the entrance to the temple of world gem.
Mage - deep into the dark forest hides the ancient and mysterious magic. Mages gain their power there but their face would be turned horrible. No one knows what they have been through there.
D3 El Diablo wiki
Archer - theyr are brave and strong willed Amazons. Have been keeping their ancient pledge, the best female warrior among them would rise as the guardian of the world to fight the evil force that launch an invasion.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Fight nightmare boss to get powerful gears and weapons.
  • Nobleman privilege: sale price of gear +5%; gained experience upon killing monsters; permanent attribute HP +75, attack power +10, defense +5.
  • Character will auto use the learnt skils in the battle. Skill becomes more powerful after upgraded. Highest level skill will be used in the battle.

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Hack cheats tutorial D3 El Diablo(wiki): Skills:
Slash - deals damage to multiple targets in a semicircle area ahead. Every enemy receives 100% physical damage.
Jump strike - jumps to the target and then strike onto the ground, dealing damage to the targets around.
Shield strike - summons a light shield ahead to strike the enemy touching it.
Attribute details: min and max attack, defense, HP, damage up, reduction, taken, critical chance, resistans, lifesteal, stun rate, damage reflection.
D3 El Diablo tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards D3 El Diablo: gold, gift box, legendary gear, credits.

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