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- How this normal person can see us?
- Hi human, we are from crystal shoes. We are noble fairy!
- That’s mean you can grant my wish right? I want perform in cherry blossom festival, but i can’t dance. Can you help me?
- We will teach you!

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First mode is bubble mode, it’s basic of dance. When the buttons appear, don’t forget to press the button. When you see the green button, you need drag to the direction. For red button, you need to hold the button until they are gone. If you have combo, you will get bonus score.

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Try to wear crystal shoes, i believe it will help you a lot. But you also need to improve your skill. You can not use it too often, that shoes have time limit. Always remember that, you need to improve as fast as you can.
You’ve become cherry blossom champion! Governor invite you to his party! Please use formal fashion before meet him. Formal fashion means you respect to the Governor.

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Hack and open 10 rare chest at same time to get a chance getting perm purple fashion! Get fragment - collect cloth - upgrade to the highest level. Rhythm dance is new mode to learn. When the button colour is red, press red button when it reach circle. Why don’t we collect money in subway station. If you reach level 2 couple, you can buy couple aura.

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