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Dark Cards How & Where enter cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
There are two colors of cards on the field, blue and red, which represent you and your opponent's cards. There are three different types of icons displayed on the back of your cards. You must flip over all the cards that can be flipped over each turn, otherwise you cannot end the turn. If you have to flip over a card but no cards can be flipped, you will take 5 damage.
Then enemy flip a tool card, which can cause damage to players and treasure cards. When the player's health becomes zero, the match end. Note that the tool card consumes its own durability for each attack. When its durability is zero, the tool will be destroyed.
Dark Cards Hack Basics
Treasure cards have a variety of abilities. Proper use will bring excellent results, but be careful of attacks from tool cards. If a treasure card's life falls to zero it will be destroyed.
When the trap card is flipped its effect will be activated, and then it will immediately be destroyed. See the big question mark in the lower right corner? That's the event card. The number of turns required to trigger it is shown at the bottom. This number will be reduced when either player ends their turn, and it will trigger when the count is zero. Pay attention in advance.
Dark Cards Hint & Tips
1. There is a skill button below your character's avatar. For active skills, you can press the button and select the target to use it on. Choosing when to use skills with your cards is important.
2. The number next to the skill button shows the number of cards that must be flipped over during your turn. Each time your turn ends, a gem on the right of it will light up. When all the gems are lit, the number of cards to be flipped over that turn is +1.
3. Deck - it shows the character skills and the number of cards it contains. You can create up to 50 decks. These are the cards contained in your current deck: trap, bright cuisine, magnet, lantern, coin, slab, coin bag. When you click the 'stark' button, you will enter the battle with the currently selected deck. Please be fully prepared to fight.
4. Your debt and cash are shown here. When you lose to your opponent, you'll lose cash. If your cash falls to zero, it's game over. Be careful.
5. A red exclamation mark indicates that the planet has a debt collection target. Please click to enter the planet and select the target to advance the game.
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date25 October 2020
Last Modified25 October 2020
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