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mage - whimsical magic that consists both ice and fire, with unstoppable.
Warrior - paging hand of devil where slashing and punching can be fatal.
Ranger - draw the bow and the arrow determine the enemy’s fate.
Assassin - shura holds double blade shuttle and reap lives.

Ice storm - summon ice storm to attack enemy ahead 6 times, dealing DMG equal to 127% of ATK.

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A fresh take on dark fantasy game, player numbers are still growing... On 2019 EU1-Venus is going to be unlocked in new android game. This is the best MMORPG that you should not miss in 2019. With lush graphics and panoramic view, you can explore this massive fantasy world freely. Seven races and four classes have added diversity to this game. The unique twelve spirit system is going to let you fight in the game like never before. Team dungeon allows you to clear stages together with your friends. Cross server arena provides you a stage to combat with players worldwide and win the highest honor!
Dark Domain wiki
As a western fantasy MMORPG, Dark Domain features real dark style and provides a variety of hero selection!
You can find various gameplays, multiple social systems and dungeons as well as cross server matches and guild wars in the game. Real time battle and cool fighting effect are going to give you an immersive combat experience like never before!
Feel the thrill of roaming in the fantasy world and unleash your power! A title is the symbol of your status, represents your strength. The stronger you are, the nobler your title is.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Each chapter will lead to a new function.
  • Draw super red gear at dwarf shop, near afraid of not getting rare gear from boss.
  • Vip privilege: upgrade exp of killing monsters 30%; unlimited free teleport, exclusive personal boss, exclusive title, extra dungeon chance.
  • Draw super insignia at dwarf shop, this is the only way to get insignia.
  • How to change visitro account to member account? You can provide your server, character's name, account and password to our customer service to make binding.

Dark Domain tips
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  • Experiencing lagging/crashing/ consuming? You have to free up space on your phone's internal memory first. Then choose the smooth graphic and turn off effects in setting.
  • Why can't i see the (effect of) artifacts after equipping it? It might because your costume has blocked the display of the artifacts.
  • Guild: complete the guild quest daily and join guild boss and bonfire at 20:00 to obtain great amt of experience and gear. Join the guild war on Wednesday and Saturday to obtain diamonds.

Dark Domain tutorial

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fix error with the server, bugs, lags, crashes.
Beware: dear domain warrior, in order to provide and maintain a fair order for the game & to build a harmonious gamin environment to protect the benefits of players & to provide a better accaunt security. Eyougame hereby solemnly warns players that we do no bare any responsibility if the following risks are encountered.
Any game account information leaked or shared, which caused to theft and destruction of game equipments, pets, growth props and other in-game assets, which will bring you irreparable losses.
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