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Free hack Dark Story Metamorphosis cheats code list - gold, materials, mount, promo ticket, legendary weapon, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Dark Story Metamorphosis cheat world: master, welcome to the new arena! Please select your camp: evil - stand on my own thousand of generation. Turn against me, die follow me, prosperous; Good - righteousness, great spirit to hold upright. Curb the vioulent and assist the weak. Benefit the martial arts.

Dark Story Metamorphosis hack

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Listen to the days of life can receive ignot pack. The first gift pack is consists of fashion clothes and special skill book. SIgn in continuously to unlock mysterious treasure chest. Forge - fortify weapon until +7 or more to get cool special effects.

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Skills: Moon crossing - attack nearby 3 target, causing ATK damage, deals an additional pts kungfu damage. Boss: Chaotic tree - in the middle of the chaotic wild, training for thous and uears and becoming the master of the wild.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: enter the novice serial number or media activation code you can get Value pack. Manufacture - mount syntheses has a chance to get best mount.
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Tutorial Dark Story Metamorphosis(wiki): Use vip to add more characters attributes, and more vip privilege. Team have higher experience bonus. One team can consists up to 5 players. On level 47 you can open mysterious transformation function, cool titam will worth the wait!
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