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Dark Raider Game story: according to revelation, the people of Ilkis have always believed in Goddess Astrid. But the goddess in the long years. Corruption has become an evil god, crazy pursuit of power. Even conquered some exotic gods, and set up numerous altar across the continent. Corrupted countless monsters guarding the altar. It’s our job to stabilize this broken land and sweep out the evil! I am Cheat-on, responsible for your basic training.

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Controls: move to position by clicking move button. Now use move + dodge to pass the barrier. Dodge consumes stamina. Low stamina leads to Fatigue. Press attack and defeat scarecrows! Use jump + attack to defat the enemies up there. Jump is a good way to dodge, while skillful. Jump also consumes stamina. Try different combination of attack and jump. Try hold attack to perform charged attacks, then press ultimate and release it. You can only use ultimate after fill the kill valve.

Dark Raider cheats, hack codes

Approach the scarecrows and try to block their attacks by pressing block. Blocking attack the very moment the monster touch you enables you to counterattack. I believe you can catch the moment. Block instantly when the scarecrow touches you makes perfect block. Attack immediately after your perfect block makes a combo, dealing great damage to your enemies.
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Did you see magic circles? You will need to get more energy to activate them, we can only activate this one for now. Each magic circle connects multiple lands, you have to clear all the dark forces on the lands in order to save the world. Go to the magic circle and press the Yes when you are ready.
The land became worse and worse since the gods have fallen. Lots of portals are broken, this is the only one that still works. The monsters behind this portal is not strong. You should be easy to fight them. Young man, you are the only hope to fix the other portals.

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