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Game story:
In year 726 of the Rose age, the demons launched a massive attack on the humans. They fought back, but lost. Desperated and out of option, the humans lead by chief warrior "firos" and three brave warriors made the ultimate sacrifice, engaging Philos the darklord in a deadly battle and destroying his physical body.
Humans builded a castle to seal the soul of Philos in the dungeon. The dungeons were built with up to 100 feet of extremely sturdy obsidian by the magical Sealers and is guarded day and night.
After 600 years, those events became history and gradually turned in to legends hense the sacred profession of Sealer becoming endangered. In consequence, the magic power of the seal was weakening. The darklord, Philos from the deepest part of the dungeon was slowly waking up. His power began to corrupt every living souls of the surrounding lands.
Rumors say, the obsidian found in the castle conceals magic powers. Many merchants and traders are willing to pay a high price to get their hands on it. Many adventures and explorers went searching the castle never to be heard again.
The soil near the castle turned black, the trees withered, animals turned violent. People are shocked by the seriousness of the situation. The castle has been shrouded in darkness for centuries. Folk rumors say that the obsidian in the castle has magical powers. Many merchants are willing to buy it for high prices. So many explorers go...but none ever return. All those soldiers and sealers.

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hack Darkest Dungeon android Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):The dark power of Philos completely corrupted the castle and summoned its minions from the darkness. If you don't stop all this the world will be turned to dust.
I am a seal protector who once swore in the name of the ancestors to guard the castle for more than 600 years. I've never let my guard down. Now the darkness cones again. The Betrayer opened a portal to the interior of the castle, releasing untold numbers of monsters. First step, go to a weaker area.

cheat Step #2: Click any blank tile to move to it. Moving onto Red tiles will alert the monster and initiate battle. Combat skills can help you overcome more powerful enemies. Try some easy battles to learn some combat skills. The floors get more difficult the more you explore. The black gold Dragon on floor 5 will be the first boss you face. Be careful! Next floor - the door is locked! The guard may have a key to open the door! Defeat him and take it.

code Step #3:You can view your location and floor layout using the map. Learn the new skills in the character panel. You get 4 attribute points for each level upgrade. You can choose to assign them to stamina, intelligence, agility or strength. Diamonds or cheats, hack tools can be used to reset your attribute points.

Darkest Dungeon android Step #4: Use your skills wisely to gain the upper hand in battle. Step over a rune. Left by the sealers to improve your combat ability in this exploration. There is a rare golden pig nearby! he'll have a purple symbol over his head. He'll drop rare equipment - the level of resources is better than the elite. Remember, when your bag is full, you can't continue to explore. Expanding your bag means more time exploring.

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Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
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  • 2. Occupy more mines to improve the speed of obtaining resources.
  • 3. The best way to level up is to kill monsters.
  • 4. Equipment with a reply attribute can make you a lasting adventure.
  • 5. On floor 5 there is a gold mine occupied by monsters! Defeat the monster and occupy the gold mine. It will provide you with a steady flow of gold coins.
  • 6. Directional transfer scrolls send you straight to the dungeon floor exit.
  • 7. Items acquired during each expedition are stored in the warehouse. Unused items can be sold. Maybe you can get a good price!
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