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Cheat code story: “i dreamed of falling endlessly. The spirit faded with the pain of violet flames enveloping the body and burning to the bone. I opened my eyes from the cold floor with a splitting headache. I hear an urgent voice coming from my head.
get up, we need to get out of here right now. Find the door to the next floor. You have to keep going down. They’re after you. Yes, that’s right. That’s not a dream. If you don’t eat someting, your body will continue to burn painfully. If you come to me, i’ll tell you how to solve the curse. You’ll meet me of you keep coming down the floor.”

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hack Darkest Rogue Step #1: activate frost nova - when stopped, the peripheral region 1 times 7 (+10.7) magical damage to target freezing 2 turns. Freezing: damage, reduced travel distance.

cheat Step #2: use aim shot - aim and fire powerful arrow 28 (+20.3) physical damage 1 times. Terms of use - bow.

code Step #3: Try firebolt species - fire 1 times the enemy within range firebot 13(+20) magical damage when stopped to target ignition 2 turns. Ignition: physical damage proportional, non-recovery.

Darkest Rogue Step #4: lightning blast - fire 20 bouncing electricity 3 (+5) magical dmaage in a random direction when stopped 5% chance to electrick shock 1 turn. Electric shock: turn pass.

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Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. When you attack the back of the monster shows greater damage.
  • 2. Increase abilities: intellect - magic power +10, mana +30, mana regeneration +1; agility: critical chance +3%, critical damage +10%, back attack damage +10%; strength - attack power +10, hp +10.
  • 3. A classic turn based roguelike RPG: pull, airn, attack. 3 classes: knight, hunter, wizard.
  • 4. Dungeon crawling, a powerful boss, enjoy pixel graphics, too.
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