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Darkzone Game: reveal yourself from under that cloak, bounty hunter. WHo are you? Vyo-Saba - a versatile, durable, and balanced warrior who can buff his allies. Xorel - a high octane assassin capable of dealing high sustained damage with burstful skills.
A few words to prepare you for what lies ahead, but let’s make it quick. I need to get back to work. You will need some better gear than that for this assignment. Let me run a build diagnosis to see what implants would suit you best. First, use cheats codes.

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Now go equip genes and you will have better chances of coming back alive from the Gekonuman Swamps. You are ready to venture out on your first raid. Controls: your hunter will attack automatically, tapping is optional. Skills will be used automatically when they finish cooling down. Loot will be auto picked up. You can also swipe to pick it up. You can tap on enemy weakspots to apply an extra dose of pain. Potions are used when your armor fall under 30%. Tap on them to use them manually, too.

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I see you leveled up! Go on over to improve your build attributes before deploying to your next assignment. I’m not going to tell you how to assign these attributes. That’s up to you!
Abilities: Cristal ignition - Vyo Saba ignites his staff cristal core, sending a shockwave against his target. Elder’s staff - invokes the fury of the elder’s staff to strike down upon all enemies. Yansapi’s Warcry - the call to war of the Yansapi inspire the party giving them extra damage. Roar of freedom - a loud battlecry that inspires the team, increasing their resistance to damage for the duration.
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Attributes - through raids and missions you can acquire experience points - use cheat codes. The more XP you gain, the more you will level up. when you level up, you are awarded 3 attribute points. In the attributes tab, you can assign these points to different stats.
You can customize your selected bounty hunter. Equip powerful implants (gear). Each implant has a main stat. Implants can also have substats (RNG). They can also drop with a number of sockets between 0-3. Traits of each implant depend on its rarity (common, rare, epic, legendary).

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