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I always thought of myself as an ordinary high school student. So i never would have imagined...that my life would be turned upside down by an operation called "date". Was fate trying to guide us somewhere? I think, perhaps, from the very instant i met her, my future had already been decided. Isn't it obvious? I'm about to kill you. Wait! Hold up! I don't even know who you are! Aren't you here to kill me too? Just like the others? You there! Evacuate immediately, young man!

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hack Date A Live Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):Once it's fully charged, tap to use the awakening skill. Quests: there are sorted into main, daily and achievement quests. Try your best to complete them. Ratatoskr has prepared gorgeous quest rewards for you. Don't forget to claim them once you've completed a quest. I've placed "order" in the most visible spot. Now go win the heart of the princess.

cheat Step #2: I will support you via calls. You must follow my commands during the operation. Try summon and find a new partner. You need the drop rate of spirits? Tap the clock shaped button in summon page and you'll find it. By the way, you can get guaranteed reward after enough summons. So don't worry if you are unlucky.

code Step #3:Tap your partner or press the button here to view the partner ability report. You don't get the stats? Maybe check that later in "help", but now we have to enhance our new partner first. To level up quicker, we have developed a thing called “EXP card". See? Hero basic stats and BP are increased! Don't forget to sue this function in the future.

Date A Live Step #4: Partners may trigger various combo effects. You can try out different combos later. You can deploy multiple partners in battle. In this case, if one of them is defeated, another one will jump in to fight.

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  • 1. Beast hack list:

    gold coins - #z4mZUjdrz
    combo skills - #3YGrc17iG
    summon heroes - #kfNXdxkFG

    newbie Package - #DeqHWLUOR

  • 2. Prayer book obtained from daily - Gray clash. Can exchange advanced Sephiroth in Pray. Transcendence route of crystal - follow along to activate the slots in sequence. Of course, there is no free lunch in the world: transcendence costs materials too. Follow the main instance route planned by Ratatoskr to get them.
  • 3. After the transcendence, one of the spirit stats will be greatly enhanced. All thanks to the marvelous tech power of Ratatoskr.
  • 4. When daily instance reaches 3-star, better rewards will be offered.
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