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My, my! So vicious was the storm last night! It’s reduced the quarry to a pile of rubbles. All the time and effort spent building it had gone to waste. It must be repaired before miss Daria returns!
hello, i have to say you’re indeed a heavy sleeper, being able to sleep through a storm as dreadful as last night’s.
Miss Daria’s gone out early in the morning to get some special food for dinner. We can’t be sitting around while Miss Daria’s working so hard. We must get the quarry repaired before miss Daria returns.

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Tap interact (log tree, mine ore, reap, talk, pick up, dive) to interact with surrounding units or environments. Did you say you don’t know what to do next? Don’t you feel ashamed to have me teach you over and over again? Okey, to construct a building, there must be sufficient legendary gear to begin with. Breezewood, a type of log legendary gear that can be obtained on home island, is required for repairing the quarry. However, only the smaller trees can be logged, not the big ones.

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Characters: Warmage - a proud and firm wamage. He calls upon the elemental force to strike down the enemies, and is driven by his pious faith.
Dancer - a seductive and elegant. She heals her teammates with her beautiful dances, and attack the enemies with thunder and water.
Ranger - a nimble and energetic. She attacks with long ranged weapons, and roams the battlefield through her agility.
Fighter - a robust and brave. He charges the frontlines to fight the enemies, and protects the teammates at his back.
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You’ll need a logging axe to log trees. Logging axe is a gathering tool. Without it, you won’t be able to gather logs. Remember the crafting Bench? It is where you make all sorts of items using the legendary gear required. Let’s use the gathered Breezewood and Sand rocks to make a new logging axe. All items have their own durability. When overused, they break. Then, you’ll have to make a new one.
Now, back to repairing the quarry. We need far more than one material. Mine ores to produce sand rock. Just like tree logging, you’ll need a new gathering tool to mine ores - mining pick. Use your mining pick to gather all the sand rocks you need.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Hotbar - tap item icon to use! indicates the item can be hold in hand.
  • You'll need a shovel to construct buildings. To construct or upgrade buildings, simply use the Shovel and the required legendary gear.
  • Quarry - choose what type of resource you need, and it'll automatically produce and stack.
  • Skinning guide: a defeated beast can be skinned. Take a skinning shiv to the carcass. Skin a beast to acquire raw meat, hide, or shell.
  • Isle fruits can be reaped from bushes. You'll need another gathering tool to reap the bushes - a sickle.
  • You can craft water flasks at the crafting bench with the aqua dust gathered from other creatures and empty flasks.

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Hack cheats tutorial Dawn of isles(wiki):
  • Ele. interaction basics: water+fire = extinguish+steam. THe weird guy is surrounded by flames. Tap and hold the water flask and drag to throw it at the flames.
  • Cooking pot - prepare the required material, make various food.
  • Fenrik's flower - legend has in that Fenrik, the first hunter and the founder of the hunter's guild, discovered the magic flower - no pet can resist its charm.
  • Tame - drag and toss taming stone toward target beast. Dance with it.
  • Altar upgrade - use logging axe and mining pick to gather log and rock. Find elemental spirit in front of the altar to upgrade altar and unlock more home island features.
  • Old friends encountered during the adventure will occasionally come to visit your home island.

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