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Free hack Dawn of Man cheats code list - unlock techs, resources, gold, promo ticket, population, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Dawn of Man cheat world: in the game you control a band of ancient humans striving for survival. You will have to hunt, gather, craft tools, fight, research new tech and face the challenges the environment will throw at you. Your people will need a constant supply of food to stay alive. One of the more predictable source of food is fish from rivers and lakes. To send people to fish, select a river, then click on the fish button. In general you can assign tasks to your people by selecting objects like trees, rives, animals, structures, then choosing one of the options in the selection panel.

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Next you should be gathering some basic construction and crafting materials, like sticks and flint. Too much micromanagement is tedious and inefficient. Work areas are a way to give general commands to your settlements that people will perform continuously. You can specify a location, a resource limit and the max number of people performing the action at one given time. By default only one person at a time will go to any given work area, but you can increase this if required. Well done, your people will now continuously gather resources until the limit is reached. Note that berries can only be gathered in summer, other resources in the game can only be gathered in a particular season.

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Now that you have some raw resources, let’s craft some hunting tools with them. The main crafting structures in the stone age is the crafter, to build one, select the build option in the main menu, then the production button, then the crafter structure. To craft tools, select the crafter then click on a tool recipe. The crafting task will be added to the queue and one of your people will perform, it as soon as they can. Let’s craft some wooden spears to hunt animals and some bifaces to butcher them.

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Hunting was a tricky business in the stone age. Killing a large animal with sticks and stones was no easy feat. Use primal vision to find easy prey (highlighted in green), avoid large animals and carnivores until you have the right tools and manpower. To hunt an animal, select it, then click on the hunting button. Once the animals is been hunted, your people will butcher it and bring the resources to camp. When hunting in this manner, your people will decide how many of them to send, based on the difficulty of the prey.
Sometimes, you might want more control over your people’s action. You can do this by selecting a few people, then right clicking on the terrain or target. This way you can move people around, or assign one or more individuals to a particular task. This is especially useful for hunting at the beginning of the game, when resources and manpower are limited.

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