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Free hack Dawn of the Breakers cheats code list - gold, talent points, legendary hero, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Dawn of the Breakers cheat world: oh, you're finally here! Took you all log enough. There's no time to waste, let's begin the battle training immediately! Let's start from the very basics! This training consists of the following five parts: movement, attack, jump, guard and dash. Let's start by practicing movement! Move in the direction you like by tracing your finger along the screen. You can trace your finger anywhere on the screen.

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Simply tap the screen to attack. Tap continuously to execute a basic combo. The number of attacks in a combo differs per hero, so try out different heroes to find one that suits your style. A Jump is performed by tapping the screen with two fingers apart. You can also perform a jump during any movement to jump in that direction. It's a little difficult so be sure to practice.

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Instructions: i'll explain how to deal with enemy attacks. Tap and hold your finger on the screen to guard. If you perform a guard successfully, you'll take Zero damage from the enemy. Better yet, if you time your guard with the enemy's attack perfectly, you can perform a perfect guard, and restore some of your SP gauge. However, receiving excessive damage during a guard will cause a guard break, which will prevent you from guarding for a period of time. Finally, be aware that guards don't last forever. Each one will only last for a limited window of time, souse them wisely.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: To perform a dash, quickly flick your finger in the direction you want to move! It might take some getting used to. Dashes can be used to dodge attacks, or to quickly close the distance between yourself and an enemy. The blue guage displays your SP, while the orange one displays your HP. Your attacks and movement will deplete from the SP gauge. Try to manage your SP gauge carefully. If you use it all up, you'll be unable to use your skills in addition to dashing until it refills.
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