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Free hack Dawn of the Dragons cheats code list - honor, medals, gold, promo ticket, stat point, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Dawn of the Dragons cheat world: in a past age, dragons waged a war against mankind. They failed, exterminated by the heroes of the age. Or so it was thought. Recently, the dragons have returned once again. They conquered the lands of men to the east, enslaving their people as soldiers. Now their armies have crossed the sea, to the shores of West Kruna. Your home was in their path.
As you flee the massacre, your burning town lights the night behind you. It is a sunrise of blood and fire, heralding a dawn of the dragons.

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Enemy turns count down as you play. When this number reaches 0 they will attack after you. Play a defensive ability to guard yourself. You have found a piece of loot. It will be stored in the chest until you complete the instance. If you don’t complete an instance you will lose anything in the chest.

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Territory map - from here you can access both solo and group instances you can participate in as well as the local town. As you continue your quests you will unlock additional territories with more instances to complete. You can find those territories by hitting the back arrow from here to reach the province map.

Dawn of the Dragons wiki
Active - this is where you can quickly find any instances you currently have a formation, and its allies, assigned to. hit that go button to head back to that instance and finish it. Remember allies and their formations can only be in one place at a time, if you have a group in one instance you will need another formation with different allies in it to do anything else.

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  • The shop is where you can spend your hard earned gold and gems to purchase new equipment, hire allies, or grab other supplies for your adventure. Check back often as you never know what new things may be in stock!
  • Create or join your very own Guild and take part in an endless number of Missions, Raids & various activities for exclusive rewards & loot.

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    Tutorial Dawn of the Dragons(wiki) :
  • Formations allow you to organize your allies into teams to take with you into instances. Each formation has a set of restrictions allowing only allies that meet certain criteria to be used. Leep an eye out for special formations with bonuses to optimize your temas.
  • Defeat your foes by utilizing the best strategic attacks, acquiring powerful Allies, and upgrading your arsenal of weaponry, spells & abilities.

Dawn of the Dragons tutorial

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