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City construction unlocked! Let’s go to upgrade the HQ. After upgrading the HQ, the armor camp is also unlocked. Reinforce are on the way, we will continue to build infantry camp to recruit more units. You just received champ exp that can upgrade champs and increase their power.

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Tap city resource factory to use buff items that improve the production efficiency of similar factories. Upgrade battle center level to increase troops quanity and fighting power in world map battles. Factory level doesn’t change gathering speed, but a higher factory level ensures higher resource storage and longer gathering duration. Eliminate gear squad in world map to receive gear materials.

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south birth - the people in the south form a loose political alliance in which no compulsory duties are required, and every individual has been taking on his own path without interfering with others.
East Birth - the people in the East are committed to science and space exploration. They strive for breaking the barriers of country and nation to build shared community of destiny for humankind.
North area - the people in the North stick together under a special military treaty, and the strict adherence to loyalty and duty has made it a prominent force of the continent.
Dawn of Warfare wiki
Barton - the 4 star general of M country’s army, quick and resolute his manoever on battle field.
Constantine - the well documented prestigious general of S army, and a great strategist in battlefield.
Guevara - the founder and leader of G country’s armed forces, good at guerrilla tactics.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Research city techs to improve buff effects (resource, development, and war).
  • After occupying a prestigiou city, you can enhance champs by adding link to them.
  • To protect resources cannot be raided, and they aren't counted into warehouse protected resources.
  • You can purchase rank up card at city shop.
  • Receive commander experience by participating in daily quest, arena, and campaign blitz.
  • While raiding the base of enemies, the defenders will only generate injured troops, but the attackers will lose some troops in battle.

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When you are offline, please leave powerful Guarding troops behind for safety.
You can purchase rank up card at city shop.
Rank up champs to unlock new skill and increase power, the sooner the better.
Play in infinity chase to receive purple gem, rank up card, gold and mystic chest.
Gathering resource in world map allows you to quickly receive abundant resources with your troops.
Dawn of Warfare tutorial

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