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My memory, my past, it’s all blurred. Like a poisonous fog over the destroyed plant. This looks like the beginning of my way. I walking through the ruins of the old world. How did it die? I don’t remember exactly. The catastrophe. The war. End of civilization. The survivors call it the conflagration.
Yes, the survivors. They inhabit the charred earth. I’m one of them. I’m a survivor. We call our home the last Territories.

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I don’t remember much, but i know that life here is full of danger. Radiation, starvation, thirst, diseases. Wild beasts and bandits. But first of all, it’s them. The charred. The arisen hungry undead - the zombies. A wicked and dreadful legacy of the Conflagration. Sometimes i think that i’m very close to remembering...Remembering something important. Something that binds this all: the plant, the conflagration, the charred, my past. And this house - lost in the territories. I can see it through the fog. I know i must be here. I feel like i’m being born again.

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Dawn of Zombies hack special items
Unusual PDA - A PDA of unusual design with “ Ozersk-2, 120821” engraving on the side. When turned on, shows the words on the screen: “find me, return the Ark. Sherp”.
The PDA can be powered by sun rays. It has an in built Geiger counter and a navigation module.
You have no idea how you got it. This is the only item you had on you when you arrived at the shelter. By the way, you use it to store and view quests, cheats, hack code, special items, and tips.
Dawn of Zombies wiki
Blueprint list - increase your character’s level to unlock more blueprints. Resources needed to craft an item. Survivor bar - your health and energy level are shown here. Hero icon - your thirst and hunger levels are shown here. Bottom - quick slots for fast access to items in combat.

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Dawn of Zombies

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Perseverance reward - the longer you stay in game, the better the reward you get (collect it from storage).
  • YOu can restore health and energy at the shelter or use cheat tools.
  • Hygiene - the less a survivor washes, the easier an enemy or a beast can smell them.
  • Energy - is consumed when you move along the map, mine resources, open hidden stashes, or activate stealth. Eat food, use artifacts, or stay in your safe Shelter for a while to restore it.
  • Enemies (humans) - nobody knows how the vicious cannibals, the Vultures, came to be in the territories. They drive high - speed dune buggies. Curiosity has killed many survivors who have tried to track them down.

Dawn of Zombies tips
Hack cheats tutorial Dawn of Zombies(wiki): Items: Sack - a bag made of fine stitched fabric. Useful for carrying something not too big.
Stone knife - a makeshift knife made from a piece of concrete with one end wrapped in rags for a better grip.
Axe - chops wood and wards off overly curious animals. And non- animals too.
makeshift hammer - a plank with a piece of concrete attached to it. Used to obtain concrete from ruins and scrap metal from empty barrels.
Dawn of Zombies tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Dawn of Zombies: gold, gift box, energy, materials.

Artifact : energizer - touching this item instantly restores strength. It’s a shame it works only once. Bandage - rags washed in biled water are used for dressing wounds. Restore health, can be produced on a healer’s table. Azure Lazarus - a healing artifact. On contact with skin, it crumbles into dust. Instantly restores health and keeps restoring it over time after use.
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