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Dawn Genesis Game story: after all these years, there are alarms again? Even so many nukes from “dawn plan” didn’t kill all the damn bugs? The radar detected abnormal movements below. Be prepared! Set up the defense there right now. Reporter, call for reinenforcements. Please tap the entrance to the facility to build the defensive facility. The radar detector is still beeping madly? We’re surrounded! Hold your position, our reinenforcements are coming!

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The worm tide retreated! But we suffered a heavy loss. We have to restore the base to be able to counterattack. Take my perfect recruit reagent and supplies, you will need them. Now i have to return to my own base.
Exactly, we don’t have the reinforcements and strength for a chase. We gotta build the resource extraction facility as soon as possible to get the base development back on track. Metals used in building the base can be mined in raw material dig site, which is the key to restore the construction.

Dawn Genesis cheats, hack codes

Potion factory can produce HP potion which is the important for improving heroes and training soldiers. Only by recruiting powerful heroes can we group effective military forces for the base. Build a command tower, our heroes need to enter the garrison of the command tower to fight in battle. Drag the hero avatar into the specified command tower, it will be appointed as the attack hero here. Production at the base has initially recovered. We can begin to build training camps to improve our military capabilities.
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Scavenger is the easier to recruit. Train a group of them to fully prepare for the coming battle. With all the weapons in place, we can go out and conquer the Vermin forces in the north Atlantic.
You’ve conquered the Vermin in nearby regions! Tap to get region loots, including hero gene shard and diamond! Resources of the conquered regions will be collected to the main base, tap to recycle the resources and items. You can get quick auto combat rewards here every day, tap to claim them.

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Units: cleaner squad is a weaker unit under the empire camp. Most of the time the empire will only ask them to do some simple work, like plundering the poor.
Buildings: main base - is the command center of the whole city. Its level will impact the level and number of other buildings in city. As a primary defense target, its safety determines the battle result to a great extent.
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