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Around 10000 years ago...Adam and Eve you're alive! I'm master crafter Cheat-on. This place isn't safe, come with me. You should eat and gain your strength. I'll tell you what happened later. Increase your energy by eating cooked meat. You must have been attacked by the Erectus. I should teach you the basic of crafting so you can defend yourself. Always craft your food before eating to get the most energy. Skill is only gained when you fail to craft. Oranges to increase your meal preparing skill. The higher your skill the more likely you are to successfully craft an item. You can increase your skill by trying harder recipes.

Dawn of Crafting cheats android, ios hack codes

Dawn of Crafting  –  hack codes

Take recipe book. I made it for my son but I never had a chance to give it to him. You can record your crafting ideas and recipes into your recipe book. Combo crafting produces superior items. You village was also attacked by the Erectus and it was destroyed. I want to rebuild the village and unite our species. Would you like to help me? Alright! You will need materials in order to craft. I can't provide you with materials forever, but you can use my friend here as a gatherer or hack cheat code. Minion is not well trained, hopefully you can train him better. I'll teach you a new recipe, but first you need to increase minion's skill a little.

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Dawn of Crafting  –  cheats secret bug
Meal preparing increases when you fail to craft food. Increasing skills gets harder as your skill level goes up. Click on minion's skill box to check his skill. After you eat a raw coconut, you can use the remaining coconut shell as a bowl. The village had people from all types of races. We accepted anyone and everyone. Those who were oppressed, who had forbidden relationships etc. all came to live there in peace. It was the only place where one could truly be free. And to appreciate and contribute everyone pitched in as much as they could. Our mistake was naively believing others would just let us be. Anyways enough tal. Lets make this village thrive with food.

how to enter hack cheats Dawn of Crafting.

1. LffssrCZu3 – secret recipes
2. utF8D0gvPG – unlimited energy
3. ECQX9NPd6t – speed up
4. tD1AQnaFXv – level up skill box
5. cCWxhLeopz – offline game
6. Hk4sj5nnwv – coupon ticket
7. hQeKWsjEIt - materials

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