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hMNcT2 - premium equipment bag: spend gems to get 1 random piece of rare of better equipment.
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In a past age, dragons waged a war against mankind. They failed, exterminated by the heroes of the age. Or so it was thought. Recently, the dragons have returned once again. They conquered the lands of men to the east, enslaving their people as soldiers. Now their armies have crossed the sea, to the shores of west Kruna. Your home was in their path.
As you flee the massacre, your burning town lights the night behind you. It is a sunrize of blood and fire, heralding a dawn of the dragons.

Dawn of the Dragons ascension hack

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Basic controls: enemy turns count down as you play. When this number reaches 0 they will attack after you. Play a defensive ability to guard yourself. Select an ability to learn more about what it does. Use your special ability in the bottom left corner to move enemies on the board. Drag an ability to clear area to replace it with a new ability. You have found a piece of loot. It will be stored in the chest until you complete the instance. If you don’t complete an instance you will lose anything in the chest.

Dawn of the Dragons ascension cheats, hack codes

1. Xx7FdI - level up
2. 4WLnof - voucher
3. YbT9YE - shard
4. cC2Pfi - free stat point
5. Td1UVe - characters

The market is where you can spend your hard earned gold and gems to purchase new equipment, hire allies, or grab other supplies for your adventure. Check back often as you never known what new things may be in stock.
Territory map - from here you can access both solo and group instances you can participate in as well as the local town. As you continue your quests you will unlock additional territories with more instances to complete. Ypu can find those territories by hitting the back arrow from here to reach the province map.
Dawn of the Dragons ascension wiki
Hero info - here you can view basic information about your character, their stats, and equipment. You can spend stat points (SP) to increase your stats. Your character’s stats provide bonuses to all of your equipped allies. The stronger you are, the stronger your team is. The equipment tab allows you to equip items you find or hack on your adventures to your character making them more powerful.
Cheat and spend your stat points here to increase you combat effectiveness. Your player’s stats are shared across all the allies. As you get stronger, so do they.

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Dawn of the Dragons ascension tips
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Province map - each province is a collection of territories, you can see their icons on the map. Here you can also see the active raid in this province. Kruna is a dangerous place, often besieged from monstrous foes. You can find raids happening in every province and as the story unfolds more provinces will become available, each with their own territories, cheats, codes, raids and activities.
Quests: Kill the roving wolves in Riverwood: some land to the east of Burden’s Rest was parceled out for the refugees escaping the Cinders, but a roving pack of wolves has made the area dangerous. Find the wolves in the Riverwood forest and end the threat. f2yKBN - premium medal bag - spend gems to get 50 ally medals.
VlAK6n - fragments
kKeDiw - health potion: health up to 5000 points of health for one ally during an instance.
n72pS8 - gold bundle: spend gems to receive 500000 gold, plus bonus gold.
Hack XhkHfk - artifacts
Cheat 5R9QZF - medalls: chadeus, shora elmlight, kenna, gimby sweetleaf
wkaMzO - elite ticket. Dawn of the Dragons ascension Characters: Arabella - isn’t what you’d call a thief, per se. No, that’s not true. She isn’t what She would call a thief. You probably would. Most people do, actually. But Arabella simply considers herself a scout and an adventurer. And yes, she’ll take any valuables that are left unattended. or which are only lightly secured. Or which are heavily secured and guarded, but she’s pretty sure she can get away with it. But to actually call her a thief, she maintains, you need to actually catch her doing it. And good luck trying.
Anton - is a career soldier. he’s served the interests of the queen since childhood, first as a squire, then as a footsoldier. It was as a soldier that he first entered the war against the dragons, sailing across the sea to east Kruna to help stall their conquest of the continent. There, in the early days of west Kruna’s involvement in the war, he lost a leg. But he gained a knighthood. how and where enter
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