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I’ll let you try out some things on your own for a while. I’d recommend heading to battle with your legendary pet. Clear all monsters and claim your rewards. Commit to your battles wisely. Every death counts.
Summary gives you a quick overview of the outcome of a battle and your rewards. No matter if you win or lose, you’ll gain XP to increase your avatar level. Additionally, lost troops will return as fallen, who will help you fight in the dungeon. You can find the dungeon in your town.

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You can replace one of your current pets to compose a more powerful army. Pets differ in their special ability, their speed on the map and their morale. The most important feature of a warlord is their troop slots. Each of these three slots is limited by the maximum number of troops tied to one of the three troop categories. However, you can switch out pets as often as you like, so feel free to experiment with different setups.

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Player skills: energy spheres - summon 3 energy spheres that circle around you for (10+ skill level) seconds, or until it lands 5 hits on an enemy. Ice blizzard - summon ice shards from the ground in all directions. Critical damage - your critical attacks deal more damage to the energy. Gold bonus - your character gains more gold from regular gameplay (doesn’t include quest or auto battle). Death rays - cast two incredibly powerful energy beams, one from each hand.
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Characters: Blade master - a fearsome warrior with unmatched skill of the blade. His strengths lie in close-up, brute force combat.
Assassin - a silent, yet deadly assassin with over 1000 confirmed kills. One of the best in the business.
Archmage - a skilled mage that wields immense power from the void realm. Gravity cannot hold him down!

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