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it’s getting dark< i should build a campfire quickly. Hurry up to collect wood and stones and make a campfire on empty space to drive beasts and coldness away. Cutting trees at least requires simple Axe. It’s much easier to collect twigs than cut trees.

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A chest - hopefully i can find something useful% experience, limestone, materials, equipment, weapon. Campfire - used to prepare food and drive away hunger. Explore the outside world - it’s a suitable place to build your home here. You can first clean up an empty space for future use. But the resources here won’t sustain you too long. Go to check if there are any useful supplies nearby and find a way to leave here.

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There is a military base nearby. I should go there and take a look. Black mountain military base - a disastrours clash broke out here not long ago, leaving it uninhabited. After a few hours of exploration, you finally get some clues. But the front gate of the fortress is locked, and you can’t pass. Walk around to see if there is another entrance.

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You need picklock to enter the base. You must explore other places and collect materials in order to craft the tool. Leave here and explore other locations. Increase your level and collect materials, Build a cutting machine to process them.

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