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Choose your difficulty:
1. Challenge mode - you’re here for the ultimate test of tactics and strategy. You want the full challenge from every battle, no punches pulled.
2. Standard mode - who says games need to be punishing to be fun? You want to enjoy yourself without stressing over each and every decision.
Bandits sure do leave an easy trail. We’ll catch up to them in no time! Let’s help Erik and Mia defeat these bandits. Start by tapping on Erik to select him. The blue tiles show where Erik can move. Try attacking bandit. Excellent, bandit is in pretty bad shape now. Let’s use Mia to finish the job!

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Mia is an archer, so she has a ranged attack. Archers attack from 2 spaces away. Each character can only be used once each turn. Press “end turn” when you’re ready to let the enemy team have its chance.
Have you noticed that every character has an element? Erik is Fire, Mia is Earth! Together the elements form a cycle of power: water quenches fire, fire burns earth, earth absorb water.

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Dog - a quick, agile zombie with poor health. It is best to kill them a shotgun or machine gun. Click the grenade icon to destroy the crowd of zombies.

In battle, elements have a major effect on damage and accuracy. Be sure to use the elements to your advantage. Just like characters, Sigils have an element. Sigils will bless characters who match their element, and curse characters who are weak to their element.

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As long as character stands on the sigil, its blessing will help him fight better. Hopefully it can protect him long enough for his friends to get here.
The Orc’s element is Earth, which is weak to fire, so the sigil of fire gave it a curse! It pays to think twice about your elements before standing on a sigil.

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  • Isabel is a Cleric, so she can use healing abilities. Start by selecting Isabelle.
  • Green tiles show characters that Isabelle can heal. Tap character again to heal.
  • Test your strategies in tactical turn based combat.
  • Epic fantasy adventure with Dozens of characters.

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  • You can fly through levels on the easy setting if you just want to have fun with it. The difficult setting will give you a hard head scratching strategy work out however.
  • Good art style, surprisingly good writing, nice side conversations. Could probably use more mechanics like the rune system to jazz it up a hair.

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