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control hero movement with left hand. Tap and use skills with right hand. Move the joystick and head for the pointed location. An enemy has appeared, use basic attack to defeat him. Basic attack is the most important way to damage dealing. Try to combine basic attack and skills to deal more damage. Use dodge to step backward and evade enemy attacks. Use dodge in proper time can evade enemy attacks. Defeating enemies charges up your ultimate skill. Use ultimate skill to defeat enemies quickly. Move joystick to control direction of ultimate skill.

DC Battle Arena cheats, hack codes

1. XUO3Tq0p - blue gems
2. Wa0K221T - gold coins
3. Enter 9Upjjv1D - speed up
4. Pass Qo1cxuBg - epic gear
5. WJxrzb4V - level up
6. Enter R91hnFZJ - moves
7. aYL8aaFE - treasure chest
8. iMPrznzV - core
9. tm2GLIVu - cosmetics
10. 3gsnmtX3 - reforge
11. r8WPVo2s - unlock all heroes
12. bixmAtSO - props
13. cpX7g5yB - maximum upgrade
14. s7kTVAhA - credits
15. 5goMziOy - evolve
16. EuD9MacH - game coupon code

Main quest - here list some important gameplay goals and mini tasks, remember to check it at any time. Upgrade your level of main quest will get awesome rewards. Complete quests of your current level of main quest to upgrade, or use cheats codes.
Battle basics: select a prop you own: bandage, first aid, healing shell, incendiary, overshield, teleport. Add the selected prop into the prop shop in match. There are three factions on the battlefield. Units without green health bar are all enemies. Combat can charge up your moves skills. Moves skill need to be charged up by any damage dealt to the enemies during combat.

Props DC Battle Arena hack tools: tap the shortcut button on the right to quick buy props. Tap to use this prop to restore HP. Each props can be used twice in a single match (or use cheats codes). Props can support assists in combat or restore your health. Use basic attack between hero skill and moves skills to form a combo. Use hero skill mobility to get close to the enemy. Cast backwing can be cancelled by moves skills. Eliminate - the number indicates how many times you can return to the battlefield. You will be permanently eliminated without attempts.

Hack DC Battle Arena basics: team - elimination information can be viewed here, eliminate all opponents to win the match. Supply usually lands at where the winning player is. Capturing the supply gives 50% ultimate energy to the whole team. Stay in the circle to capture the supply.

DC Battle Arena cheat code - heroes: Harley Quinn (trickster) - swings her giant mallet in battle, she also summons hyenas to assist her. You don't want to mess with her.
Aquaman (vanguard) - can summon creatures from the abyss to attack his eenmies, but he can also use aqua magic to heal his teammates. He is a versatile warrior for Atlantis.
hack Wonder woman (tactician) - she is the descendant of the demi-god. She uses her sword, shield and the Lasso of Truth to create a complex set of combat techniques.

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Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Capture the supply to gain 50% ultimate energy for your team.
  • 2. Stuns nearby enemies when releases any ultimate skills, meanwhile you'll become invincible for 1 second.
  • 3. Positions of teammates will displayed on the mini map, stick together.
  • 4. You will be eliminated after 3 chances of returning to the battlefield are used up.
  • 5. Every expedition can deploy 3 heroes. Heroes in different types always have suitable situation to perform the best of their abilities.

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