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Dead Walker War of Survivor cheat world: we suffered huge losses in the war to protect state, and the enemy will definitely attack again. We need to accelerate development and prepare to attack. Firstly, we build a farm. Food is extremely important for the development of city. Farm is the place where food is produced and stored. Increase the farm capacity by upgrading farm.

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We can reap food the farm at regular intervals. We need an oil well. Fuel is an essential resource for building constructs and training soldiers. Next let's build a warrior camp and train soldiers. Home rebirth - after you left the base, a new location for your new home. The new home needs to be built up quickly. Upgrade command center - provides an overview of your city.

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Macheter - basic warrior units, these warriors have not received an efficacious training, but they are strong. Sharpshooter- basic shooter unit, the rate of fire is faster, can effectively defeat the unshielded unit. Recruitment can get hero upgrade exp, items, heroes and hero fragments.

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Remember, you must assign a hero to lead legion. It takes time for the legion to attack. We can't idle and it's good choice to continue to develop. Upgrade wall to increase the pitfall capacity and city defense points. Due to shortage of resources in the city, you decide to extend a new area. And develop the institute to prepare for the expansion of the army.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: institute - commander could research technique and enhance comprehensive power in this building. In the institute you can research great technologies, this is an important means to accelerate the development of the state. Respected commander, spend specified resources to unlock area and constructing more buildings.

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Tutorial (wiki): during the Variant suppression, you march speed will be double the ordinary speed. Increase march speed attacking Variants by activating VIP3. Click the free button to finish the contrruction faster. Shelter is the place where you assemble soldiers, upgrade it to increase training speed and capacity. Hospital in the place where you cure wounded soldiers.

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