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Epidemic - it’s everywhere in the news! The dead are coming back to life. Monsters, driven by hunger. They’re here! You can see them coming! Touch and drag on the right half of the screen to aim. Tap the round bullet button to fire your weapon. For more precise shots, tap the crosshair button to aim down the sight. When your magazine is empty, double tap the shoot button to reload.

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Progression - this is your mission screen. The map shows your progress through the area. Complete missions to advance to new locations.
No ammo left - when you run out of ammo for both your weapons, you can tap “no ammo left” button to fast forward to mission results. This doesn’t necessary mean defeat. If your barricades are strong enough and the remaining zombie count is low, there is a chance that barricades will hold.

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Upgrade weapons - The ^ on your armory button indicates that a weapon upgrade is available. Tap the button to go to your armory - this is your current weapon and it’s stats. Each stat can be upgraded up to 5 times. Tap to select which weapon stat you want to upgrade. upgrading a stat to the max will unlock an additional perk associated with that stat.
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Tap upgrade to spend the required number of silver coins and upgrade your weapon. Accuracy - improve ergonomics to increase hip-fire accuracy and reduce sway when aiming down the sight. Critical hit chance - currently at 5%. Upgrade accuracy to level 5 to increase this to 15$.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Weapon purchase - the + icon indicates that you have accumulated enough money for a new weapon. To buy it now, tap the button to switch to the armory!
  • Tap the first slot to equip the new weapon as your primary one.
  • You now have two weapons equipped. Ammo count for each weapon is displayed below the weapon icon.
  • Challenges are another way to get resources and XP. Tap the calendar icon to switch to the challenge list.
  • Daily challenges are short and simple tasks that refresh every 6 hours.
  • General challenges take longer to complete, but provide a larger reward.

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Hack cheats tutorial Dead Zed(wiki):
A “!” icon on the tab indicates that a challenge has been completed. Come back to this screen to claim the reward.
Reload speed hack - improve the magazines and the magazine release mechanism to allow for a faster reload.
Assisted reload - upgrade reload speed to level 5 to hire an assistant that will reload your weapon when it's not in use.
Total ammo - customize a tactical rig to increase ammo carrying capacity.
Magazine capacity - currently at 1 round. Perk cannot be upgraded on this weapon.
Dead Zed tutorial

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