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Statistical analysis has indicated that DOOMS abilities vary according to the sufferer’s date of birth. In order to establish your own ability levels. Higher level of DOOMS abilites have been observed in those born under constellations such as Cancer, Pisces, Cetus, Delphinus, and Gidas.
The cargo scanner - the obradek can scan for cargo tags. Every piece of cargo has a tag attached. Lost Cargo - you will sometimes find cargo from abandoned deliveries dotted about the landscape. Delivering this cargo to its intended destination in good condition will make you very popular indeed.

Death Stranding hack

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Death Stranding Keeping balance in a river: when you centre your balance while in a river, you’ll be able to resist the flow of the water. If you centre your balance with both hands, you’ll be able to hold on for longer.
Carrying too much Cargo: carrying too much cargo will make it easier to lose your balance. If you find yourself swaying left or right, to shift your weight in the opposite direction and recover balance.
Offloading Cargo: carrying too much cargo will make it harder to maintain your balance. If slaying balanced becomes too difficult, try using cheat code to offload cargo from your back and lighten your load.

Death Stranding cheats, hack codes

Momentum - moving more quickly will increase Sam’s momentum, making it harder to stop. However, this can also be useful in driving him onward. Transporting corpses: corpses are more liable to sway from side to side than regular cargo. If you begin to lose your balance, use cheat code to try and steady yourself. Sending multiple likes at once - can be pressed repeatedly during the window of time for sending likes.
The Odradek terrain scanner: press R! to use them. The terrain scanner surveys the area, detecting and marking dangerous points such as step slopes, rocks, and slippery surfaces. Each point is marked by the following icons, indicating an increasing level of risk. The terrain scanner can help find the safest route.
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Using the odradel’s terrain scanner causes nearby ropes, ladders, and other useful items to flash, making them easier to find. Limits pn liking consecutively - after use likes cheat code, you will have to wait a while before you can give likes to that same object or individual. You can save your current progress by opening the cuff links and selecting “system”.
Holding your breath: when near a BT, use hack button to hold your breath. The cargo management menu - allows you to decide where and how to carry your cargo. How well you balance your load will affect your ability to walk. Any cargo you are unable to load or carry will be placed in a private locker.

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Postboxes can be used to return lost cargo or entrust cargo for delivery by others. THe share locker function can be used to exchange weapons and equipment with other players. THe private locker function can be used to temporarily store personal cargo and equipment.
Memory chips - the core members of the Bridges team are searching for records of the past. Donate any memory chips you find to them via a delivery terminal by selecting “make delivery” >”share memory chip data code”.
Impact bands: when a piece of cargo is damaged, its impact band will flash red. As the contents take more and more damaged, the color of the impact band will gradually change from yellow to red. Keep a careful eye on your impact bands in order to make sure that your cargo remains in good condition. wtAM0t - skins
ZU9bQI - treasure chest
bAIbBI - hyper attack
hw4j4A - vip status
WvJExX - Cosmetic skin for the Stinger Mantis
Hack PTeZHk - artifacts
Cheat T14gHr - evade
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When you are connected to BB, your odradek will point toward the closes BT within a certain range. Scanning for BTs with hack button will also faintly reveal BT outlines. how and where enter

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