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Deathbat Game story: in a lost world during a forgotten time a wager was made between three gods, forging a war of good and evil. Two of the elder gods believed that under the grip of darkness, good would always prevail, while the third, Kerberos, believed in the triumph of all things evil. To settle the wager, the world of Haides was created. Cast upon the new world were creatures of all brands, both holy and unholy, mortal and immortal.
The elder Gods sent down the Sacred talisman, vessel of all the power and magic of Haides. The keeper of the talisman would hold ultimate power. Both sides struggled for control. For a thousand years chaos reigned.

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Just as evil seemed to overcome Haides, a young boy entered the world. The boy was born of war, with blood and bones of courage, and a herat of righteousness. Andronikos was his name. The boy became a man, an incorruptible force against the faces of evil. He rose as the leader of the human race, the bringer of victory. At his side, the reverend Tholomeu plague stood as his trusted comrade. Together, they slowly pushed back the swarms of evil. On Moros island, Andronikos led his men into the ultimate battle of light and dark. Countless lives were lost but the virtuous warrior triumphed, taking possession of the Talisman (use cheat codes).
The people choose Andronikos as their king (Deathbat), and he ruled justly, casting his foes to far away lands. Peace spread throughout Haides. Enraged by the outcome, an insidious Kerberos travelled to Haides to alter the forces.
After slaying both Andronikos and the rev, he created an evil apparition, a dark version of Andronikos, to rule the land. Haides once again succumbed to evil. Even the other Gods were fooled by the furtive scheme of Kerberos. yet, puzzled by the sudden change in Andronikos, they searched for answers. The elder gods found the body of Andronikos. They resurrected the fallen king Deathbat. With wings to hasten his journey, and the spirit of the rev to guide him, the Gods send Andronikos, the true king and Brniger of victory, risen as the Beath bat, to once again secure peace in Hades.

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The world in which you brought peace has now been ravaged by the one who bares your face. Many of your people have been slaughtered. Evil once again walks this very land. Moros island is no longer a safe place. The elder Gods use cheats code and have given your bones new life in hopes that you will be able to strike down the evil that plagues this land and bring order to Haides.
Basic controls: to swing the sword, simply tap the melee button. Every sword has a magic ability attached to it. Now let us try a charged magic attack. Hold the magic button down until it starts blinking and then release it. That will be your most powerful attack. Don’t use it too often through. It will drain your magic quickly.
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You are now ready to hunt down dark Andronikos and take back your land. Your travels will be long and your tasks difficult, so i have placed check points along the way. They are green portals that turn blue when activated. All you must do is step on them. Also, i have given you one of each of my potions. When you require more, you may come back, to purchase them. To use your items simply touch the skull above and select. You must be on your way. I have opened a portal at the top of the stairs. When you depart, i will clear a path to your castle. You will find dark Andronikos there. Go forth: take back what is rightfully yours.

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