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Free hack Deck Warscheats code list - gold, materials, shards, promo ticket, legendary hero, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Deck Wars cheat world: the output of these two was too horrific?! My lord, i can't hold it. We'll be able to summon the mightiness card immediately. Use perfect storm to hold them first. You must be conquered by my wisdom and strategy. Defeat the enemy Lord and win.

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Dear new lord, i am Cheat-on, a novice guide. Welcome to the legendary continent. For your coming. I have prepared spell card pack coupon and coupon for ten consecutive draws for you. Click to obtain your champions in the card house. Each champion has his own features and characteristecs. I hope that you can summon a powerful champion.

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Heroes: Terraman - the mage casts magic to inflict a lot of damage to the enemies in the area. Gargoyle OAsiz - will cause damage to surrounding enemies and fossilize them for 8 seconds. Murphy - to throw out 3 flying knives to attack the target champion. Red Dragon - papas spews enemy to enemies on the straight line. The more enemies on the field, the more damage.

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Congratulations for summoning four powerful champions. In the days to come, they will be your competent assistants to lead the world. Now add the champions to your lineup to join the battles. You are a new Lord who are not even skilled at the use of cards. besides, there are a lot of concealed talents in the ranking session. So, i think it's a good e=idea for you to attend the ranking immediately. Reaching level 6 is the threshold for participating in the ranking. There are far more champions in the legendary continent that you haven't seen. You need to be familiar with them in the champion battles.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: let's learn and grow in the battles. In battle field beat fire first Robert, his fire fist can use high damage. Everytime use hero card. Robert will summon hero card, beat upcoming enemy now! Whenever helping troops enter the field, RObert will start skills.
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Tutorial Deck Wars(wiki): full server list shows the top 100 player, while your own server list will only show the top 20 of the players! You can active the healing skill to heal the champion of the lowest blood. The sea king's "purification" skill could increase the self defense and dispel enemy gain and self loss after the skill takes effect.
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