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A little concussion makes you dumb. We fell dow the pit while hunting. This is the dungeon under the ground. I’ll tell you know what you gotta do. Take potion and recover yourself. You can take two actions in maintenance. Bring the card that you want to use. You need a variety of item to break through the situations. Or you’ll be dead in this dungeon. If you have a card that you can resolve during an event situation, you can resolve the situation without penalty. Use the card that you want by raising it. remember, you have to prepare for every situation in the dungeon by using proper items.

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And you gotta hold weapons when you are in safe zone. At any time, you encounter the monster. You can also use tools as weapon. You can use weapon and item card by equipping them. Every cards has different effects in a battle or event situation. A goblin in such this place. This is your first battle, eh? Goblins are pretty fast. If you try to attack them, they attack you in advance. Just deal with them by using one weapon and a torch. When the battle begins, tap the monster to normal attack. High dexterity decides to make the first strike. Not bad. Catch a breath for awhile and repair your weapon. Don’t rush to get out of the dungeon. You have to continuously check your health, weapon and items to safely go out.

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Use potion to heal the wound, weapon and items are reusable. But you can use every potions just one time. Using the hand that hold the torch to drink the potion. If you use the hand that hold weapon or item, you’re gonna drop it. So carefully decide your action. If you use new weapon, item or recovery card to weapon holding hand, new card is replaced to previous one. The replaced card is sent to the back of the deck. You can take the maintenance action one more. Hold the weapon again. You can cause more damage to the enemy with two weapons. But remember, if you have the situation to heal yourself, you should abandon one weapon.
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Dang, this passage is blocked too. We used the shovel before. In this situation, use your weapon instead of the shovel. When you don’t have the proper item, so be it. The more you use weapon, the more damage your weapon has. That leads you to take disadvantage in a battle. The worst? It’ll be broken. You can’t fight the enemy with bare hands. Consider as many situations as you can. If you don’t have the right card to resolve the event situation, tap the dungeon card. By using the card, you take the penalties. Also, there’s an event that avoids a penalty.

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With story quest you can experience the various saga of the characters. In daily dungeon, you can explore the dungeon daily differently changed. In tower of ordeal, you can have a powerful reward by defeating the strong monsters. There are various sub quests besides main quest. Ze5Xyc - supply box
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