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In the continent of Themorne, Ramses’ demon army was defeated by heroes led by the forgotten king, Ulrich. Using the runes bestowed by the Titans, he sealed Ramses away, and peace was restored to the lands.
Over time, the power of darkness began to corrupt the seal and the spirit of Ramses Was freed. He gathered an army and threatened the lands once again. THe world descended into chaos when the mortals fought to seize control of the power of darkness. Heroes began their search for the Titan runes to restore order to the lands.

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Match 3 pieces of the same element to launch an attack. Match pieces to grant heroes of the same element MP. When a hero’s MP is full, tap on their portrait to cast their active skill.
It seems like i have exhausted my powers for now. No matter, my physical form will soon escape the seal of the runes. We need your help! THe king has been gravely wounded and the demons run rampant as we speak. Clear a path into the citadel and destroy the demons in the area.

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When the titanesses of light and darkness fought their ancient battle, the dark energy dispersed during the fight settled on the imortal world.
It’s important to make effective use of your pieces. When you match 4 of them in one move, you will create a spark piece. Tap on the spark piece to activate it and clear adjacent pieces.
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Matching pieces in a 2x2 square will also create a spark piece. Swipe the spark piece to activate it at an adjacent location. Matching 5 or more pieces in one move will create an echo piece.
With the Titan rune of his kingdom stolen, the prince set out to take revenge on Ramses. Before we can continue our march to Ramses’ castle, we need to carry out the first step of our plans. Although we have suffered heavy losses, we can now focus on rebuilding our home.

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  • We will need gold if we want to rebuild our kingdom. Tap an empty plot to construct a building. Construct a market to produce gold every hour.
  • We will need a place to store all that gold, build a vault.
  • Gold can be used to build or upgrade buildings.
  • The enemy will perform a basic attack when the number next to its HP bar reaches 0.
  • Tap the echo piece to clear pieces of the most common element off the board.
  • Tap an enemy unit to focus your skills on it!
  • Upgrade the citadel so that we can construct more buildings.

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Knowing when to use your heroes’ skills plays a major part in winning the battle. You can hold down a hero’s portrait to view the effects of their skill. Elite demons gain MP when they are attacked. They will cast their skill when their MP is full. Elemental counters greatly affect the amount of damage you deal and receive. When you attack a water enemy with fire pieces, the damage dealt is halved. Please use properties restraint, more effective to defeat the enemy.
Deck Heroes Puzzle tutorial

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