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1. jjrMpI0ZFw - lucky box
2. 6i1HyXsLSu - medals
3. geRCURqYpw - secret mode
4. n13KVUN8fP - grand summon
Welcome to new android game. Tap “castle” to summon your heroes. They are all sealed in hero pub chests. Opne one to summon a hero. Silver chests contain low quality heroes. Silver keys is needed to open it or use codes NJvStFHDec. Golden treasury contain high quality characters. Gems, golden key or hack oXPom2bIT6 is needed to open it. Prepare your heroes for the upcoming battles.

Defender Legends hack

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Map - tap here to set up your lineup. Then tap to select a hero for the battles. Tap the screen to let your minion attack. Enemy boss is coming! Prepare to fight. Well done! YOu’ve just received some hero shards! Let’s learn how to use them. You can summon a new hero when you collect enough shards.

Defender Legends cheats android, ios hack codes

1. zlkmuOrzU6 - level up
2. XgN3H6Q5ev - voucher
3. RzAupANr5r - shard
4. 24LOAqFCvS - heart
5. Bw4oRs7EA1 - tokens

Defender Legends hack month card
Let’s learn how to make heroes stronger. Characters can be decomposed to souls which are used for hero level up. Level up your minion to make him stronger! higher team levels can unlock more auto battle hero slots. Killing enemies grants loots. Open the chest to collect them. Sale - there are precious items for sale in the shop. Here’s a golden key, let’s buy it. Open golden chest and summon a legendary hero.
Defender Legends wiki
Characters will continue battling when you are offline, but each offline period yields resources for up to 8 hours. A hero pub event - during the event, you will get daily login reward as below.

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Code number Cheat Hack title
1 X7f41DPKtc upgrade
2 z9k736Tw33 gem crystal
3 GVAQ2SZBJd gold key
4 z1UCZNJuox promo code
5 fOKzVzPPzY gift box
6 K2dhnun1AC gold coins
7 B4yrIIG1hj month card
8 vzrtUNEHLP premium pack
9 f7aSsjRjvx cash
10 3uwgI6QHMw vip ticket
11 IrWvfZjhUa heart

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Light and dark heroes have more powerful basic stats.
  • Adjust your lineup wisely to defeat stronger opponents in the arena.
  • Each offline auto battle period yields resources for up to 8 hours.

Defender Legends tips
Hack cheats tutorial Defender Legends(wiki):
Code TmhZIVMNpK - 200 heroes in 5 different races, hundreds of unique abilities!
HxfvKOiR3q - Collect high quality equipment,
AEoNci8vho - level-up,
WqXRr9Qjwx - upgrade and evolve your hero,
lV47eAELna - brings satisfaction by developing your heroes with multiple elements.
Use the easiest method to play the game, and experience the best fun you will enjoy in the game.
Defender Legends tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Defender Legends: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, gold key.

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Defender Legends Activation code:
1. IF0VtzgI5c
2. BQz4giDgmL
3. xb3VH0nfwE
4. SDgReI7EwE
5. SDgReI7EwE

2. RLdZd8M2B5
3. PghZLafRBw

1. vY38OFG3gj
2. wMvKuEYVx3

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