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RC0opf - skill pts
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RjRnjz - secret mode code
YboYd4 - luxury bag
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Welcome to Starson village. I am Cheat-on, head of the village. Countless of demons emerged after the gate opened. Mankind has experience devastating catastrophe since then. Many villagers are trapped in there. Save them now! Clear stage with 3 star to flip twice. Flip the card and collect your rewards. You can tap the bottom right corner to equip your newly gained gear. Unlock auto mode to clear stage easier.
You want to join Gale knights as a mercenary? I only care about power. If you upgrade your skills, and pass the trial passage, i might consider it.

Deity Fallen hack

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Mercenary dungeon - defeat 8 waves of monsters to get great amt of mercenary materials. Vip 4 can have extra purchase chance. Insufficient purge scroll will auto consume diamonds. Use cheat code n0gxRk - activate transformation with increased CP helps you to win battle easier. Element gem - El1hlY: all form that is used to upgrade and transform. Way to obtain: dungoen, Ludo chamber, Diamond store, ruby, event production. uq7gYW - Mount essence, can be obtained from mount dungeon. Consume when mount system upgrades, and each provides 100 pts of mount system upgrade experience.

Deity Fallen cheats, hack codes

1. CCIPj0 - level up
2. byv0Ja - voucher
3. LmK7fr - shard
4. BXFPsW - free stat point
5. rPqxOA - characters tier list SSS

Characters tier list: berserker - the descendant of the god of war. Conquer the battlefield with giant scythe. Expert of melee combat. Possesses high defence power too. mage - the priest in the temple of snow, uses a staff gathering the force of nature. Uses elemental force to attack from range. Assassin - a stealthy killer who lurks in shadow. They move like swiftly, and possess formidable explosive strength. Flame Herald - a tyrant of fire, as one transforms into flame Herald, its scythe burns everything into ashes.
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Skill tier list: moon annulus - release numerous blades in short time and slash the target, it deal maximum5 times of damage to the target. Phoenix ascend - leap to the air and spin to kick the enemy, dealing maximum 3 times of damage.
Player can challenge offline player to win massive rewards. In Darknesis, only the stronger survives, and the strongest becomes the king. Get your friends with you, accept the challenge of Deity Fallen.

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6 Sxoedw gold coins
7 DyT16h month card
8 Of0jz0 premium pack
9 TxGCoB legendary gear
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11 amOf0U gear pack

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Warriors transform their soul, breakthrough their limit and take over the battlefield! Transformation includes thunder, fire, ice and more elements with both advantage and disadvantage. When the transformation ends, player will turn back into main character and revive in full HP! To win, is to change. yscDQQ - jewels
Wjp06Y - gratitude gift pack
xFguhu - transformation gem
KjRhOo - blood bottle
Hack xffT2u - artifacts
Cheat LK4nJZ - silver privilege
V58S0R - elite ticket. Q1G6MA - exchange code
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