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Since that time there are very few towns that have not been attacked. This is the last town that remains in this area. A lot of people fled away since the incident. The few who remain here are weak, go meet with the talking bold big head. He is near the entrance of town. The forest of Yamashiro Muro is located Northeast of the town. In this forest a famous smith had its forge and warriors all over the country come to buy his weapons. After the incident the zones is swormed with yokais and other evil.
It's amazing that this town has survived since the disappearance of the moon. This forest is full of enemies, you must go cautiously.

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Swipe to attack. Each direction is a different attack, there are three. Tap the screen to block. Block at the correct moment to perform a full counter. When the enemy resists your element the text show up in blue. Leveling up your demons increases their stats. The sword has a mysterious glow. It seems that the katana has been enchanted with elemental power. The sword! It is vibrating, the demon wants to be liberated. With this power i will be able to exterminate all the enemy.

Demon Blade cheats, hack codes

You can improve all the equipment if you want, you just need to have essence. We have detected problems in the raid boss and restored the raid boss data, and during maintenance we have increased the capacity of the server. For the inconvenience caused we game away mogatamos. Join the raids with your clam mates and earn rewards. Raid boss will be in beta state, the clan that beats more raids will earn an exclusive frame, follow our social media to read more information.
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Your collaboration is important! So don’t be afraid to join our discord to contact us and let us know you think about the Raid boss. To celebrate the update, we’ll be sending all players mogatamos! Fighting every day is important to increase your rank and thus get better rewards. Release damage is a multiplier on your attack. if you receive a hit and your defense is lower that the enemy strength, the damage will be increased. This also applies to enemies.

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