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Free cheats tools, codes list (andoind/ ios), redeem pass. Demon Blast cheat list, hack: 1. 2cOcceog - weapons
2. HbG0Eotp - increase attributes
3. Enter hack Msgu7vUo - gold coins
4. Pass 8Ev2t8Lm - equipment
5. BVuXy0QU - unlimited ammo
6. Enter Qv0utjOd - secret location
7. RTPiTLge - boss stage
8. o4hmiWHt - multiplayer
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Game wiki: what a strange place - cold spooky walls and long corridors. But someone left notes here. Touch any part of screen to look around. Move element in round field to walk. Use “weap” buttons to change selected weapon. Run through weapon to gather it. In some rooms you can meet monsters. Sometimes floor - is a lava, and you can’t walk on lava. Some doors are locked until all monsters in room are dead or use cheats codes, hack tools.

Come closer to the torch and tap on it or put crosshair on it and press "USE" button to discover the key. These walls are watching you. It was not necessary to kill the first demon, but you did not spare him, although he was locked. His blood flowed into the gap between the stones, feeding the evil heart of this cursed place. You can not rid of a vague feeling that the walls left behind hide more than you thought. But you must go forward.

Demon Blast cheats, hack codes

Upgrades: 5873v3Ct - player: self development and personal growth (HP, punch, critical chance, healing kit).
eYizwkzl - blaster: a fast, but not very powerful blaster will cover enemies with a flurry of energy shells.
IomRkmDd - shotgun: high damage near, low accuracy at long range. Classic shotgun.
Ik5qyaRa - machine gun: rain of lead for enemies. High rate of fire, high damage, low accuracy.
bHt5CFlU - flamethrower: this weapon burns! Enemies nearby, causing high damage and quickly consuming fuel.
VY5E1GGh - bazooka cheats codes: launches a powerful rocket in the camp of enemies. Low rate of fire, high damage.
PApgOHG8 - grenade hack tools: fires a grenade which explodes after some time. High rate of fire and damage, low accuracy.

Demon Blast Perks - various abilities, which make your life easier and happier. SH06f0m1 - master blaster: long term practice in shooting from a blaster has paid off! Nowm using a blaster, you do more damage than before.
sJy2h3j5 - master of boom stick: the more damage you do from a shotgun, the better you understand the nuances of this useful device.
kngkuP1O - demonologist: the incredible number of killed demons made you an expert on their habits and anatomy. Acquired knowledge helps you do more damage to them.
cw1D7uO2 - vampire fist: using power up several times, you have studied the principle of its work and learned to partially reproduce it without finding a bonus.

Demon Blast gift codes, hack, note.

Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Use cheats MumWhRRy - increase stats, weapon upgrade, abilities, secret rooms, boss stage.
  • 2. The better you know the enemy, the more effective you can resist him!
  • 3. YOu'll meet interaction hints sometimes, but feel free to explore environment by yourself.
  • 4. Gift redeem codes obtain deluxe pack:
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  • 5. Can you hear demons roaring in the distance? They seem eager to meet you! Hurry towards adventures, brave hero!

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