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Dengeki Bunko Crossing Void cheat list:
qFkSBR - energy
AKATU7 - coins
tiQFZs - maigo
ImW8I7 - lucky box
bovRck - gear
L8VyDk - secret mode code
ihecoW - luxury bag
Q4tsty - free coupons
tMUKqP - gem pack
z2OfAX - rank up
tcZ3fT - fixed bug
0EsAbZ - evolve hack
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During ally turns, tap to cast a skill. All characters can restore skill points. Climax points are used to cast special skills. Tap and hold the skill icon for more details. Choose support character to give allies a fighting edge. Once supports and mains heroes are paired, they can use cross skills (a party is formed by mains and supports, they can only go to their corresponding slots). Tap the effect region below your icon to view hack code details.
In a limited number of turns, defeat the enemy or you will fail. Training missions - begins, first time completion will reward valuable maigo. Gift code - bSj7Fz

Dengeki Bunko Crossing Void hack

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Talents code list:
9gKokB - Brawling puppet of ikebukuro: shizuo goes completely berserk and attack with everything available, dealing physical damage equal to 810% attack across all enemies.
Hack 1S9sl0 - electromaster & imagine breaker: Misaka sometimes can work with others. Deal physical damage equal to 57% attack and arcane damage equal to 228% attack to enemy front. Every 1 more star of characters using cross skill will increase physical damage.
Cheat SUR6yH - double sided queen talent. Kirino plays the kind Queen of nightmare queen of nightmare, recovering HP equal to 187% ATK for all allies and removing up to 2 damaging status: Kuronenko plays the evil Queen of nightmare, cursing all allies and inflicting bleed status, causing them to lose HP equal to 13% ATK every turn for 2 turns. Every 1 more star of characters using cross skill will increase total healing by 4% and bleed DMG by 1% ATK. Don’t forget use Dengeki Bunko Crossing Void energy code - ZZLr0n. Js2L6o - cute girls talent cheat. Cuteness is justice! Deals damage to all enemies, reducing their damage dealt for 3 rounds. If the cross character advances by 1 star, damage dealt +3% attack. Hack talent - cwze5C. Tap the talent you want to alter. Each alteration costs fragment x1 (code VGURMf). Char. fragment will be used first. Chance to promote your character.
Angelborn - LSM9BE: has a chance to activate blessing of bloodline, increasing damage. Valor - nfQNyu; zeal -PgIqHr; vitality talent -9P9Sfs; fortitude - TDKCtu; sturdy - UeHx7i; fierce - O3EkMo. Rank up character code - 7sysPy.

Dengeki Bunko Crossing Void cheats, hack codes

1. TrFRrw - level up
2. 1wBCN2 - voucher
3. NRSyt3 - shard
4. yvasXV - artifact
5. J2Vzwi - characters

Dengeki Bunko Crossing Void Characters tier list (A, S class codes, hack cheats):
bZffqC - Shana (stats: HP - 824, ATK - 136, DEF - 61, Critical damage - 5%, critical rate 1%): the flame haze of “flame of heaven” alastor. “Flame haired burning eyed hunter. Her mission is to eliminate the crimson Benizens that devour humans. She wields Nietone no Shana and loves melon bread.
MOm2tP - EMI: a half angel, half human hybrid. Also a heroine with a strong sense of justice. After forcing the demon king to retreat from Ente island, she followed him to Tokyo, Japan. Losing her power upon arrival, she now has to work as a part timer.
Kirino - 4TaWu8; Kuroneko - bm8TeO; Mikoto - MuOWZ0; Uiharu - YhQ00h; Touma - rIpDq3; Kuroko c class character - jns8Wm; B class Alicia -tC7hTo; Asuna cheat - bUVS95; Izaya - PBksau. Gacha gift code - hHPJnX; S class Queen of Nightmare support Kuroneko - UZ8yyJ; Tier list characters - black swordsman Kirito - 8UZEeA; Hero Kuroyukihime and sub Haruyuki - SMPzsK.
Dengeki Bunko Crossing Void wiki
Rank up hack - wa4Eyo. Skill tier list:
Mother’s Rosario - inherited from Yuuki. Mother’s Rosario is an 11 hit authentic sword skill that hits enemy front for physical damage. This skill has a high critical rate.
Epic rate neutron - consists of five consecutive strikes that hit enemy front for physical damage while gaining damage for 1 turns.
Quadruple pain - consists of four quick jabs and hits enemy front for physical damage.

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1 stBAP5 upgrade
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7 vbqyzr month card
8 o2BpcC premium pack
9 HgfHZd legendary gear
10 rnSDhv vip ticket
11 w10oLp gear pack

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Dengeki Bunko Crossing Void tips
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Strategic points - Jf9qOz. Join recommendation event to earn strategic points by uploading lineups, leaving comments or receiving likes for other crossers. Points can be exchanged for accessories, rank up characters, energy, gift code, gacha or avatar frames in strategist shop.
6AugpR - maximum energy limit has been increased.
e8kGe9 - daily sign in gift code
MFqZct - notice bonus
IkdN2g - stamp event reward
R3Q92D - maigo (Rchg bonus 15000)
xig338 - level pack cheats
R3xYJd - monthly card
8DDaqo - event pack
GQh14B - the pinnacle (open forever gacha voucher, equipment and materials)
UH1bTR - treasure hunt (open forever equipment and character experience, rank up) XvAwbF - void expedition - hero points, fragments Aq5Fkv - unlimited energy cheat dFauZf - mirage (coins, EXP) mjpiiV - decrepit dream (maigo) zPO8yy - burst link hack (rewards fragment origins) Free gacha coins, vouchers, for your first share every week: Greeting, Crossers! The Crossigng Void is a world of surprises, secret packs and codes. DOn’t you want to share the moment when you meet with your favorite character? Don’t you want to share the moment when you have won 5 burst link battles in a row? What if i tell you, you cal claim gift codes by sharing these precious moments in crossing void. Share enything (except system announcements/ notice) to your friends, you will get gacha coins, vouchers. Dengeki Bunko Crossing Void gift code - dSqZCr: 1. YF2mbW - gift energy 2. swVbkd - gift gacha voucher 3. 8U8cmE - gift S tier character 4. wb4CKh - code maigo 5. JWpkir - stamp codes 6. cKh2uw - fragments 7. X7TpJc - rank up how and where enter
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