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Free hack Desperate Redemption cheats code list - fragments, DNA promotion, energy, promo ticket, diamond draw, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Desperate Redemption cheat world: i have fought for the liberation of Solga all my life. And that’s why she became my biggest regret. I am going to die, the only thing i can do for her is to tell you this story. Now her name should never be forgotten.
Controls: left - move, shot accuracy; right - release skill. This can be changed in settings.

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Skills: energy recharge - after locking the target, the caster shoots beams of energy at every locked enemy, dealing magic atk damage. Magic lock - increase the number of targets polar night can lock on. Dragon scale armor - grants additional HP. Bone wing - survival reply to life having been hibernating under the leaves of planets since the bang. As the ruler of the Giantwood Forest. Bone wing controls all with its inborn camouflage and magic energy.

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Avoid contracting anything the Holylight MA releases, and note that its death rings are passable in the middle. Clear elite dungeons with 3 stars to get diamond reward. Please read the reward description for more info. You take a heavy blow when rammed by an enemy. Watch out for the glistening red light as your foes prefer launching sneak attacks through the covering of barrage.

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Crystal moon dragon - legend has it that crystal moon is the living presence of moonlight. She can summon the power of light to deal AoE damage to enemies. Holy Light Ma - by simulating the energy out of Skyrite and combining it with the top neuro mech technology, the institute created the one of a kind war machine - Holy light MA, which can use the energy cluster at its breast.

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