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Well met and welcome to the world of Destination! You are about to set foor in a land teeming with dragons. fear not! There are those who walk hand in claw with these majestic beasts. You are one such trainer! Through fresh on your path, i believe you are destined for great things. New friends, new rivals, new characters are waiting for your adventure to begin! The world, alive with pixel art is warm and inviting. So please, come on in. We hope you enjoy your time with new game!

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But enough of all that, you wanna choose your first dragon, right? Now, as you know, trainers need first form a pact with their dragon before they can teach them anything. Now let’s find you a pet. Draconic pact - form a pact with a dragon and it will allow you to raise it! Choose whichever unit you like! New breeds will become available as you progress in the story.
Characters: Wyngblum - the most abundant species of dragon in this world. It is the baseline by which all other species are measured. Its large wings can cover vast swaths of distance.
Juragaurus - with its powerful jaws and agile legs, it is an extremely able hunter. Loves to fight. Its wings may be small, but it can still fly.
Mashegg - believed to be the reincarnated form of an enlightened mushroom. One of the few remaining plant dragons. It floats through air like it just don’t care. It dislikes damp places.

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once you have chosen a dragon, you can take it back to your Garden! There you check on your dragon, give it special items, or perform other dragon trainer activities! Once your pact is complete, you should start your dragon’s training immediately. Units are only as strong as their prey. If you want to raise a dragon, you must send them on adventures. Pets grow best in the wild! Choose a destination to send yours out on an adventure! The higher the level the destination, the stronger your dragon will get. Units adventure in real time!
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An idle unit is a bored dragon! Your pet will make progress, even when you’re not playing the game! YOu can cheer your unit on by tapping the screen! This will reduce the time needed to explore the area. Your hero may also engage in battles! You can select opponents to fight in the arena! Defeat enemies in a given league to move on to a higher league. Be warned! The higher your league, the stronger your enemies will become!

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