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Free hack Destiny Chaser cheats code list - gold, wings, star up, promo ticket, legendary hero, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Destiny Chaser cheat world: Who the hell are you? I was ideed performing stage rehearsal? This is a magician Rena, who's going to be a great wizard. I would like to introduce it pleasantly, but i do not know what the situation is. It seems that you and i have been trapped in this nameless space.

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Auto battle is easy! Do not miss the treasure box. I'll teach you how to earn gold through quest. It's very simple. Do you want to touch the activation? Get gold automatically every certain time passed. Gold can be used to level up a character. Level up is necessary to increase the strength.

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Where do you equip the weapon? That's good question - touch the character button. Item name is written here, take note! then you will not be confused with other items, don't you? Do you know if you press the menu button, hiden menus will come out? It means there is a new menu so check it later!

Destiny Chaser wiki
Weapons expedition can get the weapon during the exploration. Free collection change is only three, but you can collect freely. Conversely, jewel collection must be used the gems, but you can get always star if you have a weapon you want, don't hesitate to invest. The weapon exploration ticket is charged once very 40 minutes, only up to 5 can be charged. So you better have a habit of checking often!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: 5x speed is also possible if you use heavenly wing in your weapon option star. if then, you will experience a real new world. The buff what i gave you is selling at premium store.
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Tutorial Destiny Chaser(wiki): When character grade up, you can equip more secondary weapon. Gems - it's a paid commodity which can be used in various places. Weapon stone that can be ontained through dismantling the weapon can be used as a weapon. Using costume ticket you can purchase costumes at the costume store.
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Tips to reapir durability Destiny Chaser, fix error communication with the server, bugs, lags, crashes.

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