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Free hack Destiny Child cheats code list - gold, stamina, star up, promo ticket, legendary hero, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Destiny Child cheat world: long ago, in times of great chaos...War between Brahman, the divine light, and Lucifer, the Divine darkness, split the very universe into three planes of existence: the celestial realm, the mortal realm, and the infernal realm. In their bitter struggle, the archfiend Lucifer was stripped of power, and a ceremony known as the "archfiend contest" was held to determine a successor to the archfiend throne.

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Ernerging victorious from this contest, the second Archfiend, Lucifaro, held the internal realm under their control for more than 500 years..until one day, when suddenly, without warning, they proclaimed their addication. And now, in the twenty first century, the Mortal realm is set to be the stage on which the second archfiend contest takes place. There is but one requirement to become archfiend: one most collect "childs, born from human souls, and build them into the most powerful army".

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Though none living in the peaceful Mortal realm were made aware, an all out war among demons - all in the name of selecting a new archfiend - stood ready to consume them. Controls: the gauge below is your team's total health points. Even if one of your team members dies you arent's defeated. Only when your team's total hp reaches 0 do you lose. When your skill gauge fills up, you can use a tap skill or a slide skill. Slide skills are powerful attacks that can damage multiple enemies or unleash special effects.

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Instructions: keep using your skills and attack the enemy. When the drive gauge's charged, tap the icon. You'll deal a big of damage. The childs on your team are lined up below. Above, you can see your enemies. Your enemies and allies alike will automatically attack their targets. This is called an auto attack. With time, the gauge will build, and more powerful attacks will become available. These are called tap skills.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: your tap skills will let you dish out bigger bursts of damage than your usual attacks. Tap skills have a fixed rate chance of turning into critical attacks. When they do, the skill button will say critical on it. Criticals make tap skills twice as powerful. Since they're only available for a fixed time, use them right away.
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Tutorial Destiny Child(wiki): Slide skills are super powered attacks that can be activated by tapping the icon and sliding up. Drive skills can be used when you fill their gauge by using auto attacks, or you can land critical hits and exploit weaknesses to fill the gauge even faster. Slide skills are extra powerful, but after you use them, you'll have to wait for a while before the skill gauge starts to refill again.
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Destiny Child Note: let's talk about drive skills, the skills that will make or break a battle. As the fight rages on your drive gauge charges, and you can use drive skills. Once you've activated the drive skill, you need to tap the button with just the right timing. This timing has a huge impact on how much damage you deal. When the drive gauge's charged, tap the icon. You'll deal a big burst of damage.

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