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Destiny Heroine redeem codes

In order to stabilize spacetime and return to our home world, we must retrieve the crystal core. Kill mobs of designated waves of challenge the guarding boss. A new piece of gear is obtained! Tap your character to equip. You can enhance the gear. Quick enhance can quickly improve the attributes of all gear.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Accumulated diamond consumption. Consume the designated amount of diamonds during the event time to win the corresponding reward. Hero upgrade - consume the designated amount of experience cards during the event time to win the corresponding rewards.
cheat, Step #2: Hero star level up - upgrade the hero star level of the designated quality during event to win the corresponding reward. Purchase limits premium pack - daily pack refresh at 0 o clock every day. Weekly pack refresh at 0 o’clock on monday.
Destiny Heroine code, Step #3: Unlock hero: Hiei - was born with powerful demon power. He is proficient in fighting skills and magic boxing. He can summon the fire of the demon world. Mai - the successor of Shiranui-ryuu Ninjutsu. She often teases men with her fan. SSR mikasa - a quite muscular girl idol of new age. SR Sakura - an excellent sudent of Sannin and a master of chakra control and healing ninjutsu. She hopes to get stronger.
Step #4: Tap the profile picture to activate the atlas attribute bonus. Remember, goddess’s level cannot exceed the leader’s please upgrade leader’s level first.

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